Press Release: Charles “CB” Bettisworth Outstanding Citizen of 2014



 City of Fairbanks Proclaims Charles “CB” Bettisworth Outstanding Citizen of 2014

Fairbanks, AK: At the Fairbanks City Council meeting on Monday, April 6, Mayor Eberhart read a City of Fairbanks proclamation heralding Charles “CB” Bettisworth as the Outstanding Citizen of 2014.  Mr. Bettisworth was honored for his dedication to the community and economic development.
Mr. Bettisworth spoke about the need to continue to develop our community and strive for both an aesthetically pleasing and sustainable city.  Mr. Bettisworth received a standing round of applause from attendees.

WHEREAS, Charles “CB” Bettisworth has contributed significantly to our community, not only through his work, but through his personal time and efforts; and

             WHEREAS, those who are fortunate enough to know CB find him to be always warm, welcoming, and gracious in his personal demeanor, and committed, forward-thinking and engaged in his professional interactions; and  

             WHEREAS, CB has generously given of his time and talents in community and economic development throughout the state; and

 WHEREAS, the list of landmark projects CB has designed for our community is a legacy of which we are very proud.  They include: the Christ Lutheran Church addition, Raquetball Club, Frontier Savings and Loan, Tanana Valley Community College, The Center, Pioneer Home Improvements, New Denali Center, Lathrop High School Additions & Renovations, Randy Smith Middle School, Monroe Catholic School Chapel, Boys and Girls Club, Lavelle’s Bistro, Mariott Springhill Suites, Rabinowitz State Courthouse, First Presbyterian Church, Bettisworth North Office, Alaska Railroad Station, Riverwest Condominiums, First National Bank of Alaska, Denali Elementary School, Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center, Raven Landing Retirement Community, Carlson Center Improvements, Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center, and the Weeks Field Estates; and

             WHEREAS, CB has encouraged communities to embrace solar and other renewables as long-term energy solutions and aspires to always design for sustainability; and

             WHEREAS, CB is a lifelong Fairbanks resident, who has raised a family here and truly appreciates, and is a proponent for, our northern environment, landscapes, people and cultures:

 NOW, THEREFORE, I, John Eberhart, Mayor of the City of Fairbanks, by the authority vested in me, do hereby proclaim

 Charles “CB” Bettisworth as Outstanding Citizen of 2014

 throughout the City of Fairbanks, and congratulate him on his retirement.   

                         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this 6th of April, 2015.

 Amber Courtney, Communications Director/PIO 907.459.6793


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Council Agenda Packet – 04/06/15

To view the Council Agenda for the Regular Meeting of April 6, 2015, click the below link:

Council Agenda Packet – 04/06/2015


The City of Fairbanks website was down earlier today due to a hack attack. We’d like to blame it on the recent solar eclipse, but it was actually due to hackers who found our site interesting enough to hack (that makes us one of the cool sites).
IMPORTANT: All payments made through the City of Fairbanks are secure as the payment system was not breached.


Council Action Notice – 03/23/15

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Council Action Notice – 03/23/2015

Council Agenda Packet – 03/23/15

To view the Agenda Packet for the Regular City Council Meeting of March 23, 2015, click the below link.

Council Agenda Packet – 03/23/2015

Mayors Note: March Edition

Mayor Eberhart continues to make communication with you his priority. One of the ways we can accomplish this is by providing a monthly newsletter covering topics and events the City is involved in. We hope you find this helpful and informative and would appreciate your comments and thoughts anytime at 907.459.6793.Thank you, Amber.



Congratulations to Danyielle Snider: The New Fairbanks City Clerk!

Monday night at City Council Meeting, Danyielle Snider was appointed as the new City Clerk. Danyielle has worked for the City of Fairbanks since April of 2009. She first worked as a Cashier/Typist in the City Clerk’s office. She was soon promoted to Administrative Assistant in the Building Department. In 2011, she returned to the City Clerk’s office and was promoted to Deputy Clerk.
She is excited to accept her new position as City Clerk and has many plans for carrying the City Clerk’s office into the future. One big goal includes digitizing the many documents the City is required to retain, and preserving the original documents in new binding.

Danyielle says she is excited to “dig in and pick up where the former Clerk left off.” She hopes to continue to have a good relationship with the public, providing transparency and excellent customer service.

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Council Action Notice – 03/09/15

To view the Action Notice from the Regular City Council Meeting of March 9, 2015 click the below link.

Council Action Notice – 03/09/2015

PRESS RELEASE: Mahogany Davis Investigation





On May 11, 2002, Mahogany Davis died from injuries inflicted by an unknown attacker.  Shortly after 4:00 a.m. a concerned neighbor called the police after they saw Ms. Davis come out of her apartment.  Police found Ms. Davis outside her apartment and she was transported to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, where she died.


Unsolved homicides in the City of Fairbanks are never closed until solved, and investigators have continuously followed up on all reported leads, witnesses, and evidence since the time of Ms. Davis’s death. The Fairbanks Police Department has intensified the investigation since December, at the request of Mayor John Eberhart.  Police Chief Aragon has assigned multiple investigators to the case and has also been looking at the available information.  “I have found in past cases that sometimes a new set of eyes will lead to questions or lines of investigation that had not previously been queried,” said Chief Aragon.  “We want this case solved for Mahogany and her family.”


Ms. Davis’ family is also asking the public for assistance, and they have put up a reward of $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the person responsible for her death.  The family has started a Go Fund Me page to help raise additional funds for the reward.  The family’s request coincides with the recent reinstatement of the Crime Stoppers hotline program in Fairbanks.


People with information about the case can call the Crime Stoppers line at 907.456.CLUE (2853), and those wishing to donate to the Go Fund Me site to raise money for the reward for information can find that page at:

Scott Adams, Fairbanks Police Dept. – 907.450.6552 –


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Welcome to Our Newest Employee: Paul Dick!

Welcome Paul Dick! Paul was born and raised in Fairbanks. He graduated from Lathrop High School in 1997 and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2003. He worked as an Equipment Operator/Shop Lead at UAF since 2005, before being hired at the Fairbanks Police Department as a Recruit Police Officer. Paul enjoys spending time in the outdoors and with family.

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