City Council Action Notice – 08/08/2016

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A very rainy June and July resulted in many potholes in our roadways.  As a result, the City of Fairbanks Public Works Department has been extremely busy repairing potholes.  Patch crews are out every day that weather permits.  With school starting soon the focus over the next two weeks will be school zone areas.

What causes potholes and what is the City doing about them?

Potholes form because asphalt road surfaces eventually crack due to weather and the constant stresses of traffic. These cracks allow moisture to seep into the underlying gravel. The stress and weight of the traffic causes pumping action that accelerates deterioration of the asphalt and pushes out some of the gravel below leaving a pothole.  Public Works utilizes three patching processes:  1) hot asphalt mix on non-rainy days. Hot mix patching material will not adhere to wet surfaces or if there is standing water in the pothole; 2) an alternative RAP (recycled asphalt product) material that can be used in wet conditions, although it is not as permanent as hot mix; and 3) cold mix material for a temporary patch is used during colder temperatures and up until the snow sticks.

You can report potholes to the City of Fairbanks Public Works Department at 459-6770.   Please leave a detailed message with the pothole location and your contact information. Public Works’ goal is to repair potholes within two working days, weather permitting.

For your and our crew’s safety please watch for signs and flaggers and drive cautiously when approaching patch crews.

Potholes do pop up overnight, so please be patient and know that our crews are out diligently working to keep our streets in good condition.

Pothole Patching Patch crewRoller Patch

City Council Agenda Packet – 08/08/2016

To view the City Council Agenda Packet for the Regular Meeting of August 8, 2016, click here.

Fairbanks City Surplus Auction

The City of Fairbanks will be holding an Impound Vehicle and City Surplus Auction this Saturday, August 6th. Preview and pre-bidder registration will be Friday, August 5th, from 10:00 AM to 4:00. Gates will open at 9 AM on auction day for registration and preview and the auction will start at 10 AM. The auction will be held at the Public Works Facility located at 2121 Peger Road. Access will be through the Davis Road gate. Signs will be posted for directions and parking area. A catalog of items will be available at the preview on Friday, auction day and on the city website at


Direct link to catalog:

Direct link to photos City items (may take a few moments to load):


Direct link to photos of impounded vehicles:


*** Important Note: The City of Fairbanks will no longer perform “VIN Verification Inspections” for impound vehicles. ***

The successful bidder will be responsible to comply with DMV requirements.

Auctioneer services by D&L Auction, 907-488-4881 or

Pre-registration for bidders will be available Friday, 10 AM to 4 PM during inspection.

To register you must have a valid ID.

There is no charge to register.

There is no buyer’s premium.

This is a public outcry auction.

No minimum bids.

All items are “Sold as is, Where is”, without warranty or guarantee.

Catalog will indicate type of violation and if keys may be available.

Impound vehicles will NOT be started.

All Sales are Final.

Acceptable payment: Cash, Visa or MasterCard (Note: a credit card processing fee may apply)

All items must be paid for in full the day of the auction.

Items may not be removed until paid in full.

It is the successful bidder’s responsibility to remove auction items.

All items must be removed no later than 4:00 pm on the Monday following the auction.

Vehicles may not be started and items may not be removed until the auction bidding is completed.

The City will not jump start or otherwise mechanically assist with impound vehicles.

The City will not provide Vehicle inspections; this must be scheduled with DMV.

The City does not provide one-way trip passes.

The City will provide documents to the successful bidder to obtain clear title from DMV.

You are encouraged to remove your items the day of the auction; the lot will be open until 5 PM the day of the auction, private towing companies are on-site to offer their services. We will be closed on Sunday and will be open again the Monday following the auction from 10:00 AM to 4 PM. All items must be removed no later than 4:00 pm on the Monday following the auction. Additional time may be granted, at City discretion, for purchases of more than four (4) vehicles.

For more information call 907-459-6762. After the Auction call 907- 459-6770.

Courtney Sheen


City of Fairbanks Public Works Department

2121 Peger Road

Fairbanks, AK  99709

OFFICE:  (907) 459-6770

DIRECT: (907) 459-6822

FAX:  (907) 456-6276

Mayors March for Youth Homelessness on September 10. Please Donate.

Fairbanks Youth Advocates has been providing 24/7 safe shelter to homeless youth aged 12 to 18 since 2014 at The Door.  Homeless youth often spend days and nights walking the streets because they have nowhere to go.

Last year The Door provided shelter to 79 different youth.  This year The Door expects the count to be even higher.  The Door currently remains at capacity or near capacity.  The Door can house 12 youth at a time.  The Door provides shelter, services for transitioning to stability, counseling and family mediation services.  Most youth come to The Door due to high levels of conflict in their homes.  The Door’s goal is to return teens home as soon as possible. Most youth stay less than a week at The Door.

In solidarity and support, City of Fairbanks Mayor John Eberhart, North Pole Mayor Bryce Ward, and Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Karl Kassel will together walk the fourteen miles from downtown North Pole to downtown Fairbanks to raise awareness of the challenges of youth homelessness and to raise funds for The Door.

The Mayors encourage the community to join them in supporting homeless youth by pledging their support and donating to their march through

The Mayors March will be on September 10, 2016. It will begin at 1:00 PM at the North Pole City Hall and will conclude at The Door with a conversation about youth homelessness in our area at 7:00 PM.

Mayors MarchII

Mayor Walk for Homeless Youth

Invitation to Community Meeting

Dear Property Owner or Occupant:


The City of Fairbanks would like to invite you to a community meeting on Thursday, August 11 to discuss the presence of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in groundwater near the Regional Fire Training Center (RFTC) at 1730 30th Avenue. You are receiving this invitation because we have collected a sample from the water-supply well at your home or business, or because your property borders Peger Lake. Other individuals who live in the RFTC area are also welcome to attend.


Regional Fire Training Center Community Meeting

Thursday, August 11

5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Noel Wien Public Library

1215 Cowles Street



The State of Alaska Department of Health and Social Services has prepared a fact sheet describing the health effects associated with exposure to perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). PFOS is the perfluorinated compound detected in the highest concentrations in groundwater at the Regional Fire Training Center. The City is continuing to work with local environmental consulting firm Shannon & Wilson Inc. to assess the extent of PFOS-containing groundwater near the RFTC. At this meeting, we will discuss the health effects of PFOS, summarize our work that has been to date, and answer any questions you may have.

For more information, please contact Jackson Fox at 459-6758.


Jackson C. Fox

City Engineer


Sakha Delegation Visits Fairbanks

A delegation from Sakha Republic visited Fairbanks last week and was particularly interested in power and energy issues.  The delegation visited Alaska to participate in the Northern Forum Regional Coordinators Committee meeting in Anchorage.  The Northern Forum was established in 1991 to improve the quality of life of Northern peoples by providing  Northern regional leaders a means to share their knowledge and experience in addressing common challenges and to support sustainable development and the implementation of cooperative socio-economic initiatives among  Northern regions and through international fora.  Alaska rejoined the Northern Forum in June 2016.  Other members include Iceland, Russia, Korea, Japan, Finland, and Canada.

Mayor John Eberhart and Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Karl Kassel enjoyed visiting with the delegation.

Sakha Luncheon

Craigslist Safety Precaution; Safe Location

When selling or purchasing items from online sales sites such as Craigslist, the City of Fairbanks recommends that transactions take place in a well-lighted public area.  Because of safety concerns, Mayor John Eberhart and Chief Randall Aragon would like citizens to consider the option of utilizing the City of Fairbanks Police Department parking lot.  It is lighted and has surveillance cameras, which could help to ensure that your transaction is safe and deter anyone who may not legitimately want to purchase or sell something.  You are welcome to conduct legitimate transactions in the City of Fairbanks Police Department parking lot.  Many businesses, along with other public facilities, have well-lighted areas with cameras.  While most transactions are without issue, please trust your instincts and use caution when you have any such transactions with a stranger.

GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award

Mayor John Eberhart reports that the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) is pleased to announce that the City of Fairbanks, Alaska has received the GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for its budget.

The award represents a significant achievement for the City of Fairbanks.  It reflects the commitment of the governing body and staff to meeting the highest principles of governmental budgeting.  In order to receive the budget award, the City had to satisfy nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation.  These guidelines are designed to assess how well the City’s budget serves as:

  • a policy document
  • a financial plan
  • an operations guide
  • a communications device

Budget documents must be rated “proficient” in all four categories, and the fourteen mandatory criteria within those categories, to receive the award.

When a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award is granted to an entity, a Certificate of Recognition for Budget Presentation is also presented to the individual or department designated as being primarily responsible for its having achieved the award.  This has been presented to the City of Fairbanks Finance Department.

For budgets beginning in 2015, approximately 1,550 participants received the Award.  Award recipients have pioneered efforts to improve the quality of budgeting and provide an excellent example for other governments throughout North America.

The Government Finance Officers Association is a major professional association servicing the needs of approximately 18,700 appointed and elected local, state, and provincial-level government officials and other finance practitioners.  It provides top quality publications, training programs, services, and products designed to enhance the skills and performance of those responsible for government finance policy and management.  The association is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with offices in Washington D.C.  The GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award Program is the only national awards program in governmental budgeting.

Appreciation from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

On Wednesday, Mayor Eberhart was given a Certificate of Appreciation from the NAACP for his support and participation in this year’s Juneteenth celebration.  Juneteenth commemorates the announcement of the abolition of slavery in Texas in 1865, and more generally the emancipation of African Americans throughout the United States.  The certificate was presented by Jo Ann Borges, a member of the Fairbanks Diversity Council.  Mayor Eberhart is appreciative and thanks NAACP for the important work it does.  Founded in 1909, NAACP is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most widely recognized civil rights organization.

Local officers of the NAACP include President Bernie Colbert, Vice President Ruby Sutton, and Chairperson Sean Rice.

NAACP Appreciation Award 001