Bike to School Day

Students from the Watershed Charter School of Fairbanks enjoyed a morning ride as they participated in the “Bike to School Day” Wednesday May 4th.

Watershed Charter School

May 2016 is Bike Month

A joint proclamation has been signed by Mayor Karl W. Kassel – Fairbanks North Star Borough, Mayor John Eberhart – City of Fairbanks, and Mayor Bryce Ward – North Pole, declaring May 2016 as Bike Month;  May 4th as Bike to School Day, and May 16 – 20 as Bike to Work Week.


All citizens are encouraged to recognize the importance of sharing our streets and highways with cyclists and encourage all who are able to participate in cycling activities to whatever extent possible including cycling to school and to work.

2016 Bike to Work Month Proclamation2

**UPDATE** Peger Road is now open!

Peger Road is now open and traffic can resume in the area.

**UPDATE** Peger Road closed

Peger Road will continue to be closed at Airport Way southbound to Davis Road for approximately 3 more additional hours due to a utility issue.

Job Fair

Job Fair Flyer for May 6

Natural Gas Leak

This morning at approximately 8:15 am, Fairbanks Fire Department responded to a call that a transmission gas line was struck during excavation, causing a gas leak at 1979 Peger Road.  The Alaska State Troopers and the Department of Motor Vehicles’ building has been evacuated and closed due to the close proximity of the leak.  In addition, Peger Road Auto Repair is close, for the safety of their employees and customers.  Fairbanks Natural Gas is on scene and repairs are underway at this time.

Due to repairs expected to take a couple of hours, Davis Road to Airport and Peger Road to Airport have been closed. The Fire Department and Police Department are asking that the public stay away from this area for their safety and the safety of the crews to work and resolve this incident.  We will keep you updated of any changes.

Fairbanks “SOS Campaign”

“Youth Suicide – Out of the Darkness Awareness Day”

Thursday, April 28th was recognized as “Youth Suicide – Out of the Darkness Awareness Day” by proclamation by the City of Fairbanks Mayor John Eberhart on the steps of the Patrick Cole City Hall building.  Students from surrounding High Schools walked from Lathrop High School in support of the Fairbanks Youth “SOS – Signs of Suicide Campaign.”  The “SOS Campaign” promotes individual responsibility for living healthy, raising awareness about depression and suicide, and to provide comfort and assistance to those who have lost someone to suicide.

The Proclamation was read by Angela Foster-Snow, City HR Director in partnership with Montean Jackson, Director of the Discipline & Prevention/Intervention Programs of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District.  Following the reading, the students released yellow balloons into the bright blue sky as a reminder of friends, family, and loved ones lost to suicide.

The motto “it’s okay 2Ask 4Help” is proudly displayed on the shirts the students wore, and the buttons they handed out.  All of our local high schools have programs to help any student that may be struggling with depression, thoughts of suicide or grief of losing a friend or loved one.

sos 1 Balloon-Release-035 sos2

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Please click on the link below for information on an important community event.

Join Police Chief Randall Aragon at the 2016 “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event raising awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault in the City of Fairbanks.

This event is scheduled for Saturday April 30th, 2016 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Pioneer Park Parking lot and proceeds will benefit the Interior Alaska Center for Non-Violent Living.

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Aurora Award Presented

Last Friday evening was the Explore Fairbanks Annual Awards Banquet, at Birch Hill.   One of the awards presented was the Aurora Award.  The Aurora Award is presented to an individual, local public official, organization, business or corporation for consistently exceptional contributions to the development and/or increase of the Fairbanks visitor industry.

Jeff Jacobson, the Chief of Staff for the City of Fairbanks, was honored with the Aurora Award.   Jeff grew up in Palmer, Ketchikan, Fairbanks and North Pole.  He strongly supports lifelong learning and encourages young and old alike to be adventurous and explore new things, new places and new adventures.

Jeff strongly believes in giving back to his community by serving on a variety of boards and commissions.  For many years he has supported the Visitor Industry’s Walk for Charity by forming teams to walk the “4K Graze”.  In 2010, he headed up the bid and organizing committees for the Fairbanks 2014 Arctic Winter Games.  That responsibility grew into his serving as the President of the Fairbanks 2014 Arctic Winter Games Host Society.

Jeff served four terms on the North Pole City Council and an additional three terms as the Mayor of the City of North Pole.  Following a 27 year teaching career, he began his next adventure as Chief of Staff for the Fairbanks North Star Borough in 2010.  Recently, he became Chief of Staff for the City of Fairbanks.

Throughout his tenure in local government and continuing today, Jeff has been an advocate for communities and cities as well as the tourism industry.  The City of Fairbanks congratulates Jeff for his outstanding service to the community.

Jeff Jacobson

Protecting Our Children While Serving His Community


Mayor John Eberhart and Police Chief Randall Aragon presented Webb Phillips with an Outstanding Service Award for his work as a crossing guard at the intersection of 10th Ave and Barnette Street.  Many people, including the staff of Patrick B. Cole City Hall, the Police Department, and the Fire Department look forward to seeing this gentleman each and every school day.  Webb greets children, parents, bus drivers, and the general public as he “performs” his crossing guard duties.  He addresses people with bows, tips of his hat, hat tricks, or just a smile and friendly wave.

Webb has worked as a crossing guard for the past 11 years.  He’s also very active in the community volunteering with Access Alaska for over 26 years, helping researchers to understand traumatic brain injuries, after suffering one himself.  In addition, he volunteers by teaching people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries the skills they need to become independent once again.  Webb is involved in many other community activities and is a great asset to the City of Fairbanks.  Thanks, Webb!