Student Work Study Program Third Semester!

The City is excited to begin the third semester of the Student Work Study Program! This semester we have two students who opted to remain for a second semester and continue the work they started in early Fall: Jilian Conover is working in the City Clerk’s Office and Daniel Manley is working in the Information Technology Department.

Three new students began the program this semester: Noah Tsigonis will study in the Engineering Department, Jamichael Wright will study at the Fairbanks Fire Department, and Hayden Fisk will study in the Mayor’s Office under the Communications Director.

Photo left to right: Noah Tsigonis, Hayden Fisk, Mayor Eberhart, Jamichael Wright.


Council Action Notice – 01/19/15

To view the City Council Action from the Regular Meeting of January 19, 2015, click the below link.

Council Action Notice – 01/19/2015

Second Semester of Work Study Program Complete!

The Student Work Study Program celebrated the successful completion of the second semester of student interning at the City of Fairbanks earlier this month. Mayor Eberhart presented students with Certificates of Completion. Two students completed a semester-only session: Logan Arpino studied in the Engineering Department and Deacon Damario shadowed the Communications Director/PIO in the Mayor’s Office. Both students were quick learners and we appreciated having them with us at the City of Fairbanks!
Photo: Deacon Damario and Mayor John Eberhart
(Photo taken by Amber Courtney)


Council Meeting Audio – 01/19/15

City Council Meeting – The following link contains the audio of the City council Meeting that was held on January 19th , 2015.

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Audio from past Council Meetings Available here: Link

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Bjerremark Neighborhood Improvements Plan Meeting

Join Us! Neighborhood Meeting #2 January 20, 2015
5:00-7:00 pm (presentation at 5:30 pm)
JP Jones Community Development Center
2400 Rickert Street, Fairbanks, AK 99701

The project team has developed a conceptual plan to make Bjerremark Neighborhood more liveable, safe, and vibrant with improvements to the city’s right-of-way. We are looking for community input before finalizing the plan.

Project Schedule
Kickoff October 2014
Neighborhood Meeting #1 November 6, 2014
Neighborhood Meeting #2 January 20, 2015
Neighborhood Plan Complete March 2015
Phase 1 Construction (tentative) Summer 2015


Introduction to Two New Employees:

We are proud to introduce our two newest employees, Robert Carlson and Janelle Hoffman. Robert and Janelle are Operators and both began fulltime permanent employment with the City of Fairbanks on December 16, 2014.
Robert was born and raised in Oregon and began in the construction industry right after high school. After working on one of his first jobs, building heavy-duty logging and construction equipment, Robert decided he would rather be working as an operator the equipment instead of building and modifying it. It was more fun to play with when it was done!

25 years later, Robert is still enjoying playing in the dirt and the snow on his big toys. In 2000, Robert and his wife, Lynn, moved to Fairbanks. Robert joined the Local 302, and has worked various jobs across Alaska, from Prudhoe Bay to local contractors specializing in paving. After being a temporary employee for the City of Fairbanks for over 8 seasons, Robert accepted a full time position.

Robert has a daughter, Chelsea, who is currently in college in Oregon. He enjoys fishing, hunting and snow machining, and restoring his 1965 Mustang convertible in his off time. This year, he plans to start his racing career with his Legend coupe at the North Pole Speedway.

Janelle is a lifelong Alaskan. She grew up operating equipment for her father, Russ Hoffman. Janelle proudly joined the Local 302 as a journeyman in 2000. She enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with her four awesome children. Janelle said “I am very excited to be working for Public Works as I will be able to spend more time with my children.”
Welcome Robert and Janelle.

Photo: Robert Carlson, Janelle Hoffman, and Mayor John Eberhart.


Council Agenda Packet – 01/19/15

To view the City Council Agenda for the Regular Meeting of January 19, 2015 click the below link.

Council Agenda Packet – 01/19/2015

Gerald “Jerry” Colp Retirement: Over 40 years of Service!

The City of Fairbanks is honored to thank Gerald “Jerry” Colp for his 40 years of service to the City of Fairbanks. Jerry was an Engineer for the City and an exemplary employee and an amazing friend. He will be missed here but we are excited for him to go on new adventures. Thank you Jerry for all that you did for our community!

Photo: Mayor John Eberhart, Public Works Director/Head Engineer Mike Schmetzer, with Jerry Colp and Myrna Colp.


Council Action Notice – 01/05/15

To view the Council Action Notice for the Regular Meeting of January 5, 2015 click the following link:

Council Action Notice – 01/05/2015

Mayor’s Note Newsletter: January Edition

Mayor Eberhart continues to make his priority communication and transparency.  One of the ways we strive toward this goal is through publication of a monthly newsletter covering topics and issues the City of Fairbanks is involved in.  We hope you enjoy the January edition of the Mayor’s Note newsletter and would appreciate your input at any time:  459-6793. Mayors note (PDF)

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