Youth Suicide “Out of the Darkness” Campaign

On Wednesday, April 26, Mayor Matherly and other City staff joined local high school students on the front steps of Patrick B. Cole City Hall to help raise awareness for youth suicide.  Montean Jackson, FNSBSD Director of Discipline & Prevention/Intervention Programs, spoke briefly about the “SOS Campaign” which helps promote individual responsibility for living healthy, raises awareness about depression and suicide, and provides comfort and assistance to those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Mayor Matherly read aloud a City Proclamation and declared April 26, 2017 as Youth Suicide – Out of the Darkness Campaign in the Interior.  He encouraged young people to talk to someone if they feel isolated, bullied or depressed.  Following the Mayor’s presentation, students released yellow balloons into the air as a reminder of all the family members, friends and loved ones lost to suicide.