Welcome to the City of Fairbanks!

Mayor John EberhartThe City of Fairbanks is known as the “Golden Heart City”, and if you have the good fortune to visit or live here, you will soon discover why we have earned that name. The people of Fairbanks are known for their generosity of spirit, hospitality, and friendliness. Our city is vibrant with business and trade, outdoor and sports activities, and a dynamic arts community.

We enjoy the most beautiful extremes of nature, with summer days filled with endless sunshine, and wintry nights aglow with the Northern Lights. We are proud to call the City of Fairbanks our home, and invite you to enjoy all that Fairbanks has to offer!

City Hall: Visit City Hall and view the quilt display based on historic photographs of Fairbanks, the “Hall of Mayors,” and our newly rennovated bleacher area. We also have the “History of Main School” available online highlighting the building we now call City Hall.

Departments: The city government provides essential police, fire, paramedic-level emergency medical and emergency dispatch service. In addition, Fairbanks provides garbage collection, street maintenance, building and fire code enforcement and a variety of other municipal services designed to make our city a great place to live, work and visit.

This website will provide you with contact information for all of our departments. Please feel free to contact me with ideas, comments, or questions about the City of Fairbanks. I am committed to keeping our community thriving, safe, and future-minded.

John Eberhart, Mayor