Welcome to Catherine Hoyos: Our New Fire Department Support Clerk


Welcome, Catherine! Catherine became a City of Fairbanks employee on July 20, 2015.

Hi and Greetings to Fairbanks, the wonderful Golden Heart! My name is Catherine and I am ecstatic to be part of the Family of the City of Fairbanks and to be the support clerk for the Fairbanks Fire Department. I speak Spanish fluently and have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in French and an Associates of Medical Assistant from UAF. I was born in NJ, raised in Colombia and have lived the plurality of my existence in Fairbanks, which I view as my home. Fairbanks has been great to my family and has given them the opportunity to help reach their goals and achieve their dreams through hard, honest work and discipline. I am thankful that my family has instilled these values in me which have assisted me from when I started to work at the age of fourteen. I have been very fortunate to have travelled to twelve different countries and work with people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. I have extensive experience in working with the public and am happy that I will be part of an amazing team like the Fire Department whose mission is to protect people’s life and maintain a fire safe and hazard free environment. It is a true honor to indirectly reciprocate all of the goodness that Fairbanks has given us and to be integrated with an entity that truly cares about humanity and shows it by exposing their well-being and life for the safety of others. Blessings to this wonderful city and to this great nation!