Welcome Mayor Matherly

We would like to introduce Mayor Jim Matherly by putting him in the spotlight. Lydia Samuel, one of our West Valley High School interns, sat down with Mayor Matherly and asked him a few questions to help the people of Fairbanks get more acquainted with him. Matherly thinks the most difficult part about his new job will be keeping the people of Fairbanks happy and engaged. “It’s hard because everyone is different and it’s important to communicate with everyone. I want the people to know that I am not ‘the’ Mayor but ‘their’ Mayor,” he said. He plans to have City Hall be more open and to be available to the people of Fairbanks. Mayor Matherly has plans to make Fairbanks fun again by creating a positive environment at work for stressful City jobs. In his opinion the most important issue facing the City of Fairbanks is money and he plans to work closely with the Finance department. Growing up Jim Matherly majored in music education and performance and wanted to be a music teacher before following his father’s footsteps into business. In his free time, he hangs out with his family and plays music. Family is the most important thing to Mr. Matherly. When asked how he plans to balance work and family life he told us, “I schedule it and make it happen…if it’s there today, it will be there tomorrow, and if it’s not life or death, go to your kids’ thing and then come back the next day.”