Welcome Lane Bonham

Lane started work on last Monday at Fairbanks Police Department.  Lane says, “My name is Lane Bonham. I was born in Fargo, North Dakota, and I was raised in Moorhead, Minnesota. When I was growing up I raced snowmobiles, and I also raced BMX. In the fourth grade I started playing football and played until I graduated high school. My family and I ended up in Alaska in 2007 because my dad is a truck driver and got a job on the Haul Road. Once here in Alaska, I have only lived in North Pole. I graduated from North Pole High School in 2014. After graduating, I turned my playing football career into a coaching career and I have coached for North Pole High since. It has always been a goal and a dream for me to become a police officer.  I am very excited to start my career here in Fairbanks.”

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