Thanks and Welcome

On June 29, Eielson Air Force Base held a Change of Command ceremony, which was presided over by Lieutenant General Russell J Handy Colonel Winkler (who is being promoted to Brigadier General) will be transferred to Japan.  We are grateful for his leadership at Eielson and for helping secure the F-35s, which will be stationed here.  Basing the F-35s here will be a tremendous boon for our community in jobs, income, and bringing new residents.  Our national defense will be greatly strengthened due to the F-35s.

Colonel Mineau, who has come from Japan, succeeds Col. Winkler as the new commander of the 354th Fighter Wing.  We welcome Col. Mineau and his family and look forward to our continuing partnership and work with him and Eielson Air Force Base.   Thanks to all of our armed services members.

Flag Change

The command changes.  Lieutenant General Russell J. Handy (left) accepts the unit flag from Col. Winkler (center) to then pass the command flag to Col. Mineau (right).