Sales Tax Filing Information

Taxes collected beginning January 1, 2013 (due February, 2013) are required to be filed according to the recently-amended Fairbanks General Code (see links below).  For filng methods, payment options, and important filing dates, please see the Letter to Sales Tax Filers.  Sales tax questions should be directed to the City Finance Department at (907)459-6713 or

Letter to Sales Tax Filers
FGC Chapter 74, Article III – Alcohol Beverage Tax
FGC Chapter 74, Article IV – Hotel/Motel Tax
FGC Chapter 74, Article V – Tobacco Products Distribution & Excise Tax
Ordinance No. 5913, Hotel/Motel Tax Definitions – Adopted 01/21/13


For information on how to submit electronic payments (EFT/ACH) to the City of Fairbanks, please call (907) 459-6713 or send an email to