IMG_0981 (2)Eielson Air Force Base is the best home for the next generation fighter known as the F-35. It is in an amazing position to provide world-class training grounds and cost advantage over foreign basing.

By having the F-35, Eielson Air Force Base will see an increase in active duty military by about 76%, about 3,000 to 4,000 jobs, possibly securing the base from any future cuts. In one year alone, an estimated $940 million of new revenue could be brought in by one squadron of F-35s. We will not only see growth in jobs in the community but we will also see a growing economy. The money brought in by the squadron could be spent locally and would stay in the community, building businesses and keeping the local economy strong.

If the community shows their support on the F-35s being brought to Eielson Air Force Base, we will be able to watch our community grow. Together, we can help build Alaska up and raise our national security. Please show your support for the F-35s by registering at