Protecting Our Children While Serving His Community


Mayor John Eberhart and Police Chief Randall Aragon presented Webb Phillips with an Outstanding Service Award for his work as a crossing guard at the intersection of 10th Ave and Barnette Street.  Many people, including the staff of Patrick B. Cole City Hall, the Police Department, and the Fire Department look forward to seeing this gentleman each and every school day.  Webb greets children, parents, bus drivers, and the general public as he “performs” his crossing guard duties.  He addresses people with bows, tips of his hat, hat tricks, or just a smile and friendly wave.

Webb has worked as a crossing guard for the past 11 years.  He’s also very active in the community volunteering with Access Alaska for over 26 years, helping researchers to understand traumatic brain injuries, after suffering one himself.  In addition, he volunteers by teaching people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries the skills they need to become independent once again.  Webb is involved in many other community activities and is a great asset to the City of Fairbanks.  Thanks, Webb!