WHEREAS, on or about November 12, 2013, a severe winter storm occurred in the Fairbanks area; and

WHEREAS, the Fairbanks area received substantial and heavy precipitation in the form of freezing rains, wet snow and up to 70 mph winds resulting in a large number of downed trees damaging power lines and creating extensive and long lasting power and phone outages; and

WHEREAS, the conditions which have brought about this disaster emergency resulted in power outages to an estimated 16,000 area residences initially; and

WHEREAS, subsequently, a cold weather front settled in the Tanana Valley and the area is expected to experience temperatures dropping to well below zero; and

WHEREAS, Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) the local electric cooperative continues to have line crews working 24 hours a day and has asked for and received mutual aid from other utilities statewide and yet anticipates power outages to continue in areas for several more days; and

WHEREAS, there is a severe lack of communication to those residents still without power to determine if individual assistance is necessary; and

WHEREAS, the weather conditions within the area have resulted in actual threats to life and further damage to property; and

WHEREAS, residents will not begin to recover from this emergency until actual damage to property caused by frozen domestic water systems and failed heating systems is determined after power is restored to residences with long-term outages; and

WHEREAS, the emergency has caused the need to open warming centers and ready overnight shelters for those individuals without power, heat and water; and

WHEREAS, the disaster/emergency set forth above continues to threaten the safety, security and livelihood of City of Fairbanks residents; and,

WHEREAS, the severity and magnitude of the emergency is beyond the timely and effective response capability of individual and local resources; and

WHEREAS, the Borough Mayor has declared a Disaster Emergency for the Fairbanks North Star Borough,

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Mayor of the City of Fairbanks does declare a Disaster Emergency as per AS 26.23.140 to exist within the City of Fairbanks; and,

FURTHERMORE, it is requested that the Governor of the State of Alaska declare a Disaster Emergency to exist as described in AS 26.23 and provide State assistance to the City of Fairbanks in its response and recovery from this event.

PROCLAIMED AND DECLARED this 19 day of November, 2013Proclamation-Disaster.