A very rainy June and July resulted in many potholes in our roadways.  As a result, the City of Fairbanks Public Works Department has been extremely busy repairing potholes.  Patch crews are out every day that weather permits.  With school starting soon the focus over the next two weeks will be school zone areas.

What causes potholes and what is the City doing about them?

Potholes form because asphalt road surfaces eventually crack due to weather and the constant stresses of traffic. These cracks allow moisture to seep into the underlying gravel. The stress and weight of the traffic causes pumping action that accelerates deterioration of the asphalt and pushes out some of the gravel below leaving a pothole.  Public Works utilizes three patching processes:  1) hot asphalt mix on non-rainy days. Hot mix patching material will not adhere to wet surfaces or if there is standing water in the pothole; 2) an alternative RAP (recycled asphalt product) material that can be used in wet conditions, although it is not as permanent as hot mix; and 3) cold mix material for a temporary patch is used during colder temperatures and up until the snow sticks.

You can report potholes to the City of Fairbanks Public Works Department at 459-6770.   Please leave a detailed message with the pothole location and your contact information. Public Works’ goal is to repair potholes within two working days, weather permitting.

For your and our crew’s safety please watch for signs and flaggers and drive cautiously when approaching patch crews.

Potholes do pop up overnight, so please be patient and know that our crews are out diligently working to keep our streets in good condition.

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