Message from the Chief


Welcome to the Fairbanks Police Department’s website, which is a “work in progress” regarding ongoing enhancements.  Please consider browsing through our website as we hope you will be pleased with the many bits of information to assist you, whether you are visiting “The Golden Heart City” or are a permanent resident.

Central to our mission are seven (7) primary goals:

  1. increasing communications with those we serve;
  2. enhancing transparency;
  3.  continuously improving diversity relations;
  4. insuring that a mutual trust exists between those we serve and the department;
  5. unceasing accountability amongst our staff;
  6. maintaining an atmosphere of problem-solving within the Officer ranks; and finally,
  7. insuring that a proactive partnership exists between our department and our citizens.

Our department is gradually and methodically transitioning away from traditional (reactive) policing to a preventive policing philosophy via the introduction of Community Oriented Policing.  This “preventive” style of policing was initiated (on a limited basis) in February 2015 and is currently gaining momentum.


Please take a few minutes and complete this short community survey to tell us how we’re doing: Community Survey