Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Fairbanks Police Department, where every member strives to provide you with law enforcement and public safety services founded on integrity, wisdom and courage.  Our definition of  “the best public safety services” includes elements not always found in police departments.  For instance, we respect the notion that law enforcement can be resolute yet compassionate – that the dignity of people can and should be preserved in the delivery of our services to the greatest extent that circumstances allow.  We also acknowledge that policing policies must be conceived in collaboration with the public subject to those policies.  We live this paradigm of partnership.

In that spirit of transparency and collaboration, we are proud to offer this website as a way of facilitating our interaction with you. In it, you will find the following:

  • Information Regarding the Department
  • General Contact Information
  • Recruitment
  • Special Units
  • Press Releases and New Information
  • Forms

Thank you for taking the time to visit us here. My staff and I are honored and privileged to serve the City of Fairbanks.  Please take a few minutes and complete this short community survey to tell us how we’re doing: Community Survey