Administrative Changes at the City

City of Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly announces the following
changes in his Administration effective November 21, 2016:


Mike Meeks has accepted the position of Chief of Staff.
No stranger to public service, Mr. Meeks retired from Federal Service after 36 years as an Army Officer and an Army Civilian. During that time period he was the Director of Public Works for Fort Wainwright for eighteen years. Over three decades he has led and managed a wide variety of military and civilian organizations. As the Director of Public Works he was responsible for all the utilities and labor negotiations for his staff. Mr. Meeks is currently the elected chairman of the Interior Gas and Utilities Board, representing the City of Fairbanks.


Jeff Jacobson is appointed as Public Works Director. Jeff Jacobson joined the City of Fairbanks as Chief of Staff in January 2016. Mr. Jacobson has been the acting Public Works Director for over 6 months and is excited to accept the opportunity to continue to work with this exceptional staff that provides essential services to the City of Fairbanks.



City Council Agenda Packet – 11/07/2016

To view the City Council Agenda Packet for the Regular Meeting of November 7, 2016, click here.



Condolences for Sgt. Allen Brandt’s family continue. Sgt. Brandt was a police officer for the City for over 12 years and touched many people’s lives through his compassion and professionalism.  Details regarding memorial services will be made available as they are finalized.

Welcome Mayor Matherly

We would like to introduce Mayor Jim Matherly by putting him in the spotlight. Lydia Samuel, one of our West Valley High School interns, sat down with Mayor Matherly and asked him a few questions to help the people of Fairbanks get more acquainted with him. Matherly thinks the most difficult part about his new job will be keeping the people of Fairbanks happy and engaged. “It’s hard because everyone is different and it’s important to communicate with everyone. I want the people to know that I am not ‘the’ Mayor but ‘their’ Mayor,” he said. He plans to have City Hall be more open and to be available to the people of Fairbanks. Mayor Matherly has plans to make Fairbanks fun again by creating a positive environment at work for stressful City jobs. In his opinion the most important issue facing the City of Fairbanks is money and he plans to work closely with the Finance department. Growing up Jim Matherly majored in music education and performance and wanted to be a music teacher before following his father’s footsteps into business. In his free time, he hangs out with his family and plays music. Family is the most important thing to Mr. Matherly. When asked how he plans to balance work and family life he told us, “I schedule it and make it happen…if it’s there today, it will be there tomorrow, and if it’s not life or death, go to your kids’ thing and then come back the next day.” 

City Council Audio – 10/24/2016

City Council Meeting – The following link contains the audio of the City Council Meeting that was held on October 24th, 2016.
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Audio from past Council Meetings Available here: Link
NOTE: If you’re having trouble listening to the audio for this meeting, please try playing the recording in Firefox.

Certified Municipal Election Results and Report

At the Regular Meeting of October 24, 2016, the Fairbanks City Council certified the 2016 Municipal Election returns.

City Council Action Notice – 10/24/2016

To view the City Council Action Notice from the Regular Meeting of October 24, 2016, click here.

2016 Hotel/Motel Discretionary Fund Grant Application Period Ends October 31!

Grant Recipient Logo ColorThe City Clerk’s Office will accept Hotel/Motel Discretionary Fund Grant Applications through 5 p.m. Monday, October 31, 2016.  To download the application or to learn more about who may apply, visit our Discretionary Fund Information page!

City Council Agenda Packet – 10/24/16

To view the City Council Agenda Packet for the Regular Meeting of October 24, 2016, click here.

Welcome New Employees

Welcome (left to right) Ryan Holland, Kerry Kirby, Michelle Gutierrez, and Matt Fellman

Ryan Holland was originally from Savannah, Georgia.  He began as a volunteer EMT while earning his degree in geology.  When he moved to Fairbanks five years ago, he began volunteering with the Ester Volunteer Fire Department.  He received great training over the past few years and recently completed the Paramedic Academy at UAF.  Ryan looks forward to sharing his skills and knowledge with the City of Fairbanks.

Kerry Kirby is the City’s new Purchasing Agent in the Finance Department.  Kerry grew up with an active duty Air Force father and moved extensively her entire life. Kerry finally found a place to call home when she moved to Fairbanks eight years ago. She loves spending time enjoying what Alaska has to offer during all seasons.  Kerry and her fiancé are animal lovers and have one dog, George, and two cats, Angel and Demon. She has two daughters, Emma, 14 and Kennedy, 12.

Kerry obtained her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in marketing from Columbia College in 2007. She then obtained her Master’s in Business Administration from Baker College of Graduate Studies in 2010 and a Master’s of Public Administration in Government Administration from Wayland Baptist University in 2013. She is currently an adjunct instructor for Wayland Baptist University, teaching courses in business management, human resources, organizational behavior, and business communications.

Kerry has a background in collections, purchasing, customer service, and business. She looks forward to working with all the great people at the City.

Michelle Gutierrez –   Michelle was born and raised in Texas.  Her husband is in the Army.  They have three children and two dogs.  Her daughter, Aniya, will be 12 this year. Her son, Aiden, is 10 and her youngest son, Azrael, is 5.   They moved to Fairbanks six months ago and are excited to experience their first real winter.   Michelle is extremely family oriented, coming from a large family.  The Army has taught them that anywhere they go family can be made.  Her main hobby, aside from motherhood, is CrossFit.   She has been weightlifting for about two years. Michelle is looking forward to getting to know everyone here at Patrick B. Cole City Hall.

Matt Fellman was born and raised in Soldotna.  After graduation from Soldotna High School, Matt worked as a commercial fisherman in Cook Inlet and later as a gold miner in the Interior.  He eventually made his way to Fairbanks to pursue a career in the fire service.  In 2014, Matt began work at the University Fire Department where he worked until coming to the City of Fairbanks.  Matt enjoys hunting, fishing, alpine skiing, playing hockey and spending time with his longtime girlfriend.  He’s excited for the opportunity to work for the City and looks forward to serving the community.

Please welcome Ryan, Kerry, Michelle and Matt to the City.