New Year Wishes

2014 has given me an opportunity to see the work of the City employees in depth and I am very impressed with their professionalism and commitment to the citizens of our community.  Time and again City staff goes above and beyond in service to others, as evidenced by an occurrence within the past few days:  22 residents of a local motel were displaced late in the afternoon when the power was turned off and the building lost heat.  Our Fairbanks Fire Department staff worked with the Red Cross to ensure that all of the people found temporary housing, and stayed several hours until everyone was taken care of.  Another instance occurred this summer when the Fairbanks Police Department used every means available during the stand-off on Chena Pump Road to avoid harm to a suicidal person. These are just a few examples of the outstanding service to others that I see and have come to expect from our employees.  I am proud to be part of this amazing team and I thank the employees for their diligence.  I also thank the many citizens who have given of their time to provide input so that we may continue to flourish as a community.  Sylvia and I hope that 2015 bring health, success, and happiness to you and yours.  Mayor John Eberhart

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