Licenses and Permits

City Business License Information
Chauffeur License
Master Operator Company License
Commercial Garbage Collector License
Private Detective License
Multi-Vendor Event Permit
Vehicle for Hire Permit
Vehicle for Hire Company Permit
Special Event/Parade Permit

     Applicable City Code
FGC 14-601 through 14-604
FGC Chapter 86
FGC 14-431 through 14-433
FGC 14-361 through 14-397
FGC 14-121 through 14-134
FGC 14-71 through 14-74
FGC Chapter 86
FGC Chapter 86
FGC 78-572


Noise Variance Permit

FGC 46-42


For information on building permits, plan submittal, inspections or building codes, please visit the Building Department Home Page.


For information on Right-of-way Permits, construction standards, and invitations to bid, please visit the Engineering Department Home Page.


City of Fairbanks Fee Schedule
Map of City Limits