Happy Birthday Pearl

Mayor John Eberhart honored the Fairbanks City Hostess, Pearl Watson, in celebration of her 90th birthday.  Pearl’s birthday was earlier this year, but due to her being out of town and busy schedules, she could not be honored until now.

Pearl has lived in Fairbanks for nearly 70 years.  She first moved to Alaska with her husband, and raised six children here, following the Second World War.  Pearl remembers there being many boardwalks going to and from different establishment’s downtown.  She also recalls there was very little asphalt, only a small amount on Second Avenue and three or four blocks on Cushman Street.

Pearl loves the City of Fairbanks, and is very actively involved in many charities, her political party, church and family.  She’s also active with the Interior Alaska Sourdoughs, Pioneers of Alaska, Elks, American Legion Auxiliary, the Senior Center and Pioneer Home.  Pearl stays very active attending many City functions and other activities.

Please help us in wishing Pearl Watson a very Happy 90th Birthday.

Pearl 060616