Go Blue Alaska! Supporting Our Police and Dispatch

Jennifer Ham asked a simple question on her Facebook page one night,  “Who would be willing to make a treat or something to support our local Police Officers?”  Jennifer said both her phone and Facebook page blew up that night.  Within hours she had many responses.  Jennifer began working on a Citizens’ Police and Dispatch Support Walk and called it “Go Blue Alaska”.  Merchants joined in to show their support.  Yesterday the group gathered at Sadler’s parking lot.  Mayor John Eberhart and Fairbanks Police Chief Randall Aragon joined the group.  Many wore blue to show their support. Signs with “Support Your Local Law Enforcement Police and Dispatchers”, “Thank you”, “We Support You”, “Go Blue Alaska”, and “We Love You” were carried by the group.  Jennifer planned to be at the Police Department at shift change so the group could thank as many officers as possible.  They delivered sandwiches donated by Subway, drinks from Mochalicious, and gifts from the Knotty Shop.

Jennifer thanked the officers for all they do to keep each of us and our community safe.  Jennifer has also organized a walk to show support for the North Pole Police Department.  That walk will take place on Friday, July 29, at 2:00.  The walk will begin at Sourdough Fuel and proceed to the police station.  When someone asked, “It’s supposed to rain Friday. Will you still do the walk?” without hesitation Jennifer answered, “They’re there for us when it’s 40 below; I’ll gladly walk in the rain to support them!”

Jennifer also has plans for a walk to support the Alaska State Troopers, and another walk for the Delta Police Department.  To join in supporting our local law enforcement officers, the link to the Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Go-Blue-Alaska-1228664240480101/?fref=ts  Jennifer’s phone number is (907) 987-0839 if you wish to contact her.

Blue Alaska Go Blue Alaska Citizens Police Walk 005