Volunteers in Policing

FB_volunteers_policingThe Volunteers in Policing (VIP) program acknowledges and facilitates the important contribution of volunteers to the delivery of police services to the community and the efforts they make to ensure a safer place to live.

When citizens who receive police services are helping design, prioritize, and even deliver those services, a closer connection is made between the Police Department and the public. This is what community policing is all about.

We recruit a wide-range of volunteers including students, retirees, employed people, and police academy graduates.

We actively engage in efforts to increase cultural diversity within the department. We especially encourage women, minorities, senior citizens and young adults to consider applying for volunteer assignments.

Volunteers In Policing provides specialized training for all volunteers. No experience is necessary. Applications can also be obtained at the Fairbanks Police Department or visit our Application Form online. For more information about our programs contact 907-388-9696 or e-mail fairbanksvip@gmail.com.

Volunteer opportunities include the following:

Patrol Team  Patrol city streets on foot, bike or in VIP patrol vehicle to assist FPD and the public.

Training Support Team  Assist law enforcement agencies during training exercises by acting as suspects, victims or witnesses in training scenarios.

Hospitality Team  Assist with community policing events by making or purchasing refreshments, setting up tables and chairs, handing out programs, etc. Hospitality Team members may also help with sending thank you cards, balloons, flowers etc as appropriate.

Youth Services Team  Assist with programs and projects involving youth, including but not limited to:

  • Law Enforcement Explorer Program
  • Crimebuster Academy
  • Crimebuster Café
  • Youth Snowmobile Safety Program
  • Youth Bike Safety Program

Watch Team  Assist with the Neighborhood Watch, Business Watch and MethWatch Programs by providing training, conducting home/business security surveys and Operation ID, assisting with meetings, gathering business contact information, disseminating information via email, website, newsletter, etc.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)  Provide assistance in the event of a disaster or for searches for missing persons or evidence. CERT Team may be called out to respond in a community-wide emergency or for a local disaster, (ie Salcha Flooding or Building Collapse)

Administrative Support Team  Assist with filing, paperwork, pawn tickets, phone calls, Newsletters, web site updates etc.

Graffiti Abatement Team  Document and remove/paint over graffiti on buildings, bridges etc.

Highway Safety Team  Assist with DUI Prevention Education, Occupant Protection Education, Child Safety Seat check-ups, and presentation of programs.

Fingerprint Technician  Provide fingerprint service to the public using ink fingerprint machine.