Tactical Police Unit

The Tactical Police Team (TPT) is a highly skilled, dedicated, and professional group of men and women trained to provide intervention during those incidents that exceed the standard capabilities of the Patrol Division. Such missions include: barricaded subjects, hostage negotiations, counter-sniper operations, high-risk apprehension, high-risk warrant service, personal protection and other special assignments.

TPT personnel receive specialized training to accomplish the duties of their position assignment, to include Entry Team members, Marksmen, Tactical Dispatchers, Hostage Negotiators, and Tactical Emergency Medical Service (TEMS) personnel. Membership on the TPT is voluntary, and consists of Officers and Dispatchers from within FPD and other local departments, who apply through a competitive testing and evaluation process. The team includes an integrated TEMS unit, which is staffed by a local doctor and two paramedics who are fully trained in emergency medicine and operational tactics.