Fairbanks Interagency Drug Unit

1_Jess camera 228The Fairbanks Police Department currently assigns one Investigator to the Statewide Drug Enforcement Unit  (SDEU)  in Fairbanks. This is an interagency task force comprised of Federal, State and local law enforcement officers who conduct drug and alcohol investigations throughout the Interior and Northern regions of Alaska. The Unit is comprised of four full-time Investigators and one office manager.

Personnel from the SDEU will work with other agencies on an as-needed basis, depending upon the location and nature of the investigation. Due to the nature of these investigations, our assigned member is not identified.

The primary mission of the SDEU is to conduct investigations into the illicit importation, manufacture, and sale of drugs and bootleg alcohol. Because drug and alcohol use are inevitably linked to most serious crimes, investigators often end up assisting in related homicide, assault, and other serious case investigations.

The area of responsibility for this Unit stretches from Cantwell and Boundary to the south, and as far north as the North Slope Borough.