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How do I sign up for garbage service?

Call the City Finance Department at 459-6713.  Their business hours are Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8am to noon and 1pm to 5pm.  The Finance Department appreciates hearing from new customers, as it allows them to provide an overview of the service, answer any immediate questions, and obtain the best contact information for their garbage billing database.

What if I purchase a residential property, but don’t make contact immediately to sign up for garbage service?

The Finance Department gets regular updates on changes in property ownership through quit claims and warrantee deeds that are mailed to the City approximately 10 days after they are recorded with the State of Alaska.  Updates to the garbage billing database will be made based on these notifications.  Generally, a change in ownership will trigger a “new owner letter” to be sent from the City to the address that is in the recorded document.

What is a “new owner letter?”

The new owner letter is generated by the City Finance Department and it introduces residential property owners to the service.  It is a written notice describing the same information we would give over the phone to a new owner.  It shows the pickup day, basics of the service, rates, introduces the website, and gives contact numbers for more information.

What if there is no notification to the City of a change in property ownership from the new owner or the State of Alaska Recorder’s Office?

Garbage service is relatively automatic.  Each area of Fairbanks is on an established route (see links for route schedule and area boundaries and maps below).  By placing your garbage curbside, the collection crew will pick it up.  The garbage billing database is regularly audited, however, and a billing statement will eventually be sent to the new owner of record.   Please note the deeded owner is responsible for all service fees from the date of the recording with the State of Alaska.

What if a residential property is used as a rental?

The bill for garbage service will continue to be sent to the deeded owner’s address and is the responsibility of the deeded owner to ensure the balance due is paid.  At the deeded owner’s request, we can send duplicate statements to tenants, property managers, lessees’ with options to buy, etc.  However, we do not get involved in rental or purchase agreements.  Call the City Finance Department at 459-6713 to set up duplicate billing statements.

How much and when will I be billed for garbage service?

See the current City fee schedule for garbage rates.  You will be billed quarterly in January, April, July, and October.

What is the eligibility for a senior citizen discount?

1)      You must be the deeded owner of the residence;

2)      be 65 years old or older;

3)      claim the property as your principle residence;

4)      have all accounts with the City in a current (paid) status; and

5)      if a spouse was formerly eligible, but is deceased and the surviving spouse has reached the age of 60, they are also eligible if the points #1, #3, & #4 above are met.

How do I apply for the senior citizen discount? 

Complete the attached application or call the City Clerk’s Office at 459-6702 or the City Finance Department at 459-6713.

Are there any other discounts?

Yes, other discounts available under two conditions: (1) if a duplex is being used as a single family residence, or (2) an apartment building/complex contains four units and the owner opts to have a commercial dumpster.  Please contact the City Finance Department at 459-6713 for more details.

Can I opt-out of garbage service?

No, per Fairbanks General Code Section 66-41 the garbage service is chargeable to each residence whether or not the owner or occupant elects to use the City’s collection service and shall apply to all residential living units unless it falls within the exemptions for commercial accounts.

Can I auto pay my bill?

Yes, you may auto pay your bill with a deduction from your bank account (checking or savings).  Just complete the automatic bank transfer form and return it to the City Clerk’s Office.  Our software does not support auto pay with a credit card at this time.  Payments for “auto pay” are processed from your account on the last working day of the due payments months (January, April, July, and October).  By waiting to take payments later in the month, our customers have a chance to review their statement and ask questions before any deductions are made.

When and why do the rates change?

In accordance with Fairbanks General Code Section 66.42 “Rates” the City’s schedule of fees and charges for garbage shall be adjusted by the City Council effective April 1 of each year to reflect the annual change in the Alaska Consumer Price Index and changes in the cost of fuel and tipping fees charged by the FNSB landfill.

What happens when a garbage bill is not paid?

The City has some standard collection processes in place; generally, the first step is to place a lien on the property.  Depending on the balance and severity of the non-paid balance, options can include small claims, turning delinquent accounts over to a collection agency, garnishing Permanent Fund Dividend, foreclose on the property, etc.  When any City account becomes delinquent, discounts can be removed until all accounts are brought current (i.e. Duplex Exemptions, 4-plex Exemptions, Senior Discounts, etc.)

When is my collection day?

Look up your street name on the attached spreadsheet to find out your collection day.

What if my collection day is a holiday?

If your regular collection day falls on a City holiday, the collection day will be the following business day.  For example, if your collection day is Monday and Monday happens to be a holiday, your garbage will be collected on Tuesday.

Where and when should I put my garbage on collection day?

Place your bagged garbage curbside, outside your fence or property line by 7am. DO NOT put garbageout the night before, or place other items near your garbage that could be mistakenly taken for garbage.  Also, make sure your garbage is not blocked from view (i.e. behind a vehicle or snow mound), as it may be missed during collection

When can I expect my garbage to be picked up?

There is not a set schedule.  You garbage will be picked up before 5pm, but the actual time of pickup may vary depending on other work duty assignments/schedules and/or weather.

Why was my garbage not picked up during my collection day?

Some common reasons why a resident’s garbage may have been missed during their collection day include: not putting the garbage curbside by 7am, the garbage was blocked from view (i.e. behind a vehicle or snow mound), and/or the garbage included inappropriate items (i.e. overweight, oversized, hazardous, and/or not properly contained).  If you don’t feel any of these was an issue in your case contact the dispatch office at Public Works Department at 459-6770.

Does my garbage have to be bagged?

Yes, all garbage must be bagged, securely tied and covered. This includes Ash/Soot Collections.Ash to be removed from stove and placed in a metal container to cool off before placing in strong  plastic bag.” Residents are responsible for containing  their garbage before it is collected.

Is there a weight limit per bag?

Yes, 40 pounds per bag.

Is there a bag limit?

No, there is no limit on the number of bags you place curbside.

Can I put garbage cans curbside?

No, bags must be removed from your garbage cans and placed curbside.  If you leave your garbage can curbside, it is at your own risk of damage or loss.

Can I build a garbage bin?

Yes, but all bins must be pre-approved by the City.  Call 459-6770 and/or see bin guidelines.

What should I do to keep dogs and ravens from getting into my garbage bags before it’s picked up?

Cover your garbage with a tarp or blankets. The collection crews will leave your cover.  And always remember, DO NOT put garbage out the night before.

What if I still have problems with animals?

Call the Fairbanks North Star Borough (FNSB) Animal Control at 459-1451.

Why are ashes/soot required to be in metal container?

To avoid starting fires in the packer trucks this item is picked up separately from your regular trash with another truck. Call 459-6770 for pickup of ashes, AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

What can and cannot go in the garbage:

  • Animal feces:  NO.
  • Animal/fish scraps:  NO.  No animal hides, scraps, or other remains from hunting or fishing.  Call the FNSB Landfill at 459-1482 to make arrangements for disposal of these items.
  • Hazardous materials: YES.   Antifreeze, corrosives, diesels, gasoline, motor oils, oxidizers, paint, poisons, solvents, and cooking oil. For disposal of batteries and PCB ballasts, call the FNSB Landfill at 459-1482 to make arrangements for disposal of these items at their Household Hazardous Waste Facility.
  • Broken Glass: YES.  Please dispose broken glass or jagged metal in a cardboard box SEPARATELY from your regular trash to prevent workers from getting cut.
  • Fluorescent bulbs:  YES. Boxed, maximum 10 bulbs.
  • Construction/demolition material, bricks, and stone: NO.
  • Needles/Syringes/Sharps:  YES.  Place needles/syringes in a sharps container or empty plastic container with a secure lid.  Call 459-6770 if you need assistance obtaining a container.
  • Medical waste:  NO.  The only exception is properly contained needles/syringes/sharps.
  • Appliances and furniture:  YES. Large items can be picked up separately for an additional fee per trip.  Call 459-6770 to schedule a pickup.  Call the FNSB Landfill at 459-1482 for disposal of appliances with refrigerant gas, freezers, air conditioners, refrigerators.
  • Automobile parts and tires: NO.
  • Brush: Yes. Small quantities in 4-foot lengths, bundled, and tied.

Does the City Recycle?

Not currently.  See the Fairbanks Recycling Guide for current information about recycling opportunities in the Borough, or call the FNSB Landfill at 459-1482 for further information.


 Who do I contact for service questions or problems?

Call Public Works Department at 459-6770.

Who do I contact for billing questions or problems?

Call the Finance Department at 459-6713.


We ask that when you see the pothole patching crew working in an area, try to avoid driving through that area in order to allow for a safer work area for the crew. Also, prior to patching we apply a liquid asphalt “tack coat” which should not be driven through. Your cooperation is appreciated.

How do I report a pothole, or other road damage that needs to be repaired?

Currently, you can call Public Works at 459-6770 to report road problems.

Are all of the roads inside the City limits maintained by the City?

No.  The State of Alaska DOT Fairbanks Maintenance and Operations maintains some of the roads that fall inside the City limits. Some of these roads that are maintained by DOT are College Road, Aurora Drive, Danby Street, Johansen Expressway, Airport Way, (and Airport Way frontage roads) New Steese Expressway, Mitchell Expressway, Peger Road, University Avenue, Phillips Field Road, Illinois Street, 3rd Street (Graehl), Davis Road, Van Horn Road, and Cushman Street (south of 28th Ave).  To contact the State of Alaska DOT Maintenance and Operations, call 451-2205.

Once reported, how long does it take to get a pothole patched?

Whenever possible, we try to complete numerous pothole repairs within the same general area for efficiency. However, if the pothole(s) that are being reported are such that they pose an imminent safety hazard, we give them an appropriately higher priority, and patch them ASAP.

When can pothole patching be done?

Usually during the spring, summer and fall months. During the summer, we patch with hot and cold mix asphalt, and during the transitional periods between spring and summer and between fall and winter, we patch with cold mix asphalt.

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