Fairbanks City Hall Engineering Department: City Spotlight

The Engineering Department is a place of wonder and the domain of the expert engineers. The department is staffed by 12 individuals, working on multiple projects.

Robert Pristash (pictured below) has worked as an engineer for 30 years, and explains some of the many tasks that the department works on. The Engineering Department works on the design of everything within our Right of Way. The Right of Way is everything we see from sidewalks, curb and gutter, roads, signs, utilities, lighting, storm drains, and much more.  Engineers primarily work on design, but also oversee building contracts and repairs where there is damage and deficiencies in our infrastructure. Engineers usually have a tough time due to the high demands of their crowded schedule, especially during the summer when they tend to work long hours. They are currently working on several road expansion projects.

The Engineering Department is a valuable resource in our community.

By Denzel Harris and Olivia Jeans, Lathrop H.S. Interns

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