Engineering Department

City Engineer: Michael J. Schmetzer, P.E.
Phone: (907) 459-6759
Fax: (907) 452-5913
Location: City Hall, 800 Cushman Street – Map

Engineering is a Division of the Public Works Department.  Our mission is to plan and administer the construction of capital improvement projects to improve and maintain City streets, utilities, and associated infrastructure for the benefit of the public and to foster economic growth in Fairbanks.  Specifically, the Engineering Division is responsible for:

  • Planning, design, bid document preparation, and construction administration for planned capital improvement projects, including improvements to existing streets, sidewalks, utilities, drainage, traffic signals, signage, and streetlights
  • Reviewing civil site plans for residential and commercial building permit applications
  • Permitting street excavation, driveway, sidewalk, lane closure, and cooling water discharges
  • Environmental regulatory compliance for development projects, ongoing municipal operations, and local storm water management
  • Traffic safety planning and management
  • City property and right-of-way management
  • Horizontal and vertical survey control
  • Serving as a repository for utility and roadway as-built drawings, technical reports, property plats, and right-of-way maps that date back several decades

2011 Projects

  • Island Homes Subdivision Traffic Calming
  • Aurora Subdivision Road Resurfacing & Drainage Improvements
  • FMATS LED Streetlight Conversion (Citywide)
  • FMATS Sign Replacement (Citywide)
  • Curb Corner & Sidewalk ADA Upgrades (Citywide)
  • Wendell Avenue ADA Improvements
  • Illinois Street Reconstruction


  • Bentley Trust Road Upgrade & Helmericks Avenue Extension
  • Cushman & Barnette “Complete Streets” (Downtown)
  • Noble Street Upgrade
  • Wickersham Street Upgrade (1st to 6th Avenue, and 2nd and 3rd Avenue from Barnette to Cowles Street)
  • South Cushman Reconstruction (15th Avenue to Mitchell Expressway)
  • Gillam Way Rehabilitation