Human Resources & Purchasing

The Human Resources Department ensures that the City of Fairbanks is provided with a well-qualified and productive workforce in compliance with all Federal, State, and local statutes. The City of Fairbanks Human Resources Department is the central point from which hiring for all City departments takes place. This includes the hiring of all full time, part time, temporary, contract, and volunteer positions.

The City of Fairbanks does not have a job hot line. However, vacancies are advertised in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner help wanted ads. Job applications and job descriptions can be picked up at the Human Resources Department.

The Human Resources Department also oversees all City Purchasing. The City of Fairbanks Purchasing Department provides the City with professional services, support, and advice for carrying out departmental purchasing. The Purchasing Department strives in all purchases to obtain the most cost-effective means in procuring quality goods and services for the City of Fairbanks.

Services Offered

  • Recruiting and selection
  • Record keeping
  • Wage and salary administration
  • New employee enrollment and orientation
  • Research and statistics
  • Communications
  • Labor/management negotiations
Employment Opportunities

Employment Application

Invitations to Bid