City Clerk’s Office

City Clerk: D. Danyielle Snider
Phone: (907) 459-6702
Fax: (907) 459-6710
Location: City Hall, 800 Cushman Street – Map

The City Clerk’s Office exists to safeguard the permanent records of the City of Fairbanks and to serve the public, the Fairbanks City Council, departments within City government, and other outside agencies.

Services Offered

  • Has custody of the official municipal seal and attests (confirms to be genuine) deeds, and other documents, such as approved ordinances, minutes, and contracts, by signing and affixing to municipal seal.
  • Provides for codification of ordinances.
  • Publishes notice of City Council meetings and action. Also advertises all matters pertaining to City business.
  • Acts as the cashier for all revenue received for general government, and receives and distributes time-sensitive documents on behalf of the City.
  • Administers City elections, prepares petitions and verifies signatures on initiatives, referendums and recall elections. Ensures the City’s compliance with the State Division of Elections rules and regulations.
  • Prepares agendas and packets as required for City Council meetings. Publishes notices of times and locations of all City Council meetings. Acts as Parliamentarian for City Council meetings.
  • Administers City Council meetings, work sessions, special meetings and executive sessions. Records and maintains a journal of all Council meetings.
  • Administers the oath of office to newly elected officials and other officers of the City.
  • Receives, processes, issues and maintains permits and licenses for:
    1. Chauffeurs
    2. Massage Practitioners
    3. Security Guards
    4. Private Detectives
    5. Transient Vendors
    6. Vehicles for Hire
  • Maintains a record of issued games of chance permits by the State of Alaska.
  • Receives applications for new, transfers and renewal liquor licenses from the State of Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and processes according to Fairbanks General Code Section 14 Article V.
  • Presents recommendations to Council for local governing body option to protest according to AS 04.11.080. Maintains files and database for all liquor licenses located within the City of Fairbanks.
  • Receives and maintains a database for all uniform traffic citations and parking tickets issued by the Fairbanks Police Department.
  • Retains and makes available to the public City Ordinances, resolutions, rules, and administrative regulations.
  • Manages municipal records and develops retention schedules and procedures for inventory, storage, and destruction of all municipal records.
  • Administers the Hotel/Motel Tax Discretionary Fund Application Program.


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