Code Enforcement for Littering

CITIZEN COMMENT: There is little enforcement of parking violations for the residential area of Fairbanks. Priority is given to the business district. Additionally, there are excessive violations of residential garbage pick-up, e.g., canisters w/o lids that result in rubbish scattered on the street by birds. I understand it is costly to enforce these violations when police are preoccupied with more severe matters: DV, theft, drugs. I would like to suggest a correctable/alternative pay option for the parking violation and waste storage violation. It would be like the seatbelt law that allows the offender to pay via donation to emergency services. If you violate the parking ordinance Sec. 78-391 or others, you could be given a community service option of snow shoveling 5 residential hydrants, picking up garbage left behind by the city works due to residential mis-storage. My suggestion is to help attend to multiple residential needs that the city can’t tend to due to lack of resources.

Please check back soon to see the Mayor’s answer to this request.