Clay Street Cemetery

After an extensive review of the process for this year’s Clay Street Cemetery Maintenance Contract request for quotes and awarding of the contract, City Administration has determined that is not in the best interest of the City to award the contract to any of the bidders.  The City had initially given notice of award to Monzingo Mowing on May 6 but later rescinded the award on May 13 after an internal review raised concerns about internal communications regarding this procurement.  The problems were internal in nature and there were no concerns about the vendor’s ability to perform the maintenance work.


The 2016 summer work associated with the Clay Street Cemetery Maintenance Contract will be performed by Public Works Department staff in addition to much needed major maintenance work to revitalize the cemetery.  The increased costs of performing all the maintenance work at the cemetery will be absorbed in the current annual public works operating budget.  The administration will work closely with staff on the 2017 procurement process for the Clay Street Cemetery Maintenance Contract later this fall.  This has been a very challenging situation for all parties involved. The City appreciates that this year  there were three responsive bidders; Monzingo Mowing, Frank the Clean-Upologist and Goundhogs, LLC,  and looks forward to their bids for next summer.