Clay Street Cemetery Looking Great!

Before and after photos show some of the many improvements and work that is being done at the Clay Street Cemetery.  Our Public Works Department is in charge of the cemetery work this summer and is performing much needed work and improvements. Public Works has trimmed back bushes and shrubs, maintained fences, mowed, edged, filled in sink holes, removed stumps, trimmed around gravestones and markers, and located gravesites so overgrown grass can be removed to better expose gravesites.  Pathways have been improved.  An ADA walkway has been reestablished at the Sixth Ave entrance, and the bollards for the main historical entrance have been corrected.  These improvements are being done within the current Public Works budget and should help make the cemetery more attractive and easier to maintain in the future.

Clay Street Cem 014Head Start & Clay Street Update 025Clay Street Cem 008Head Start & Clay Street Update 027Clay Street Cem 018Head Start & Clay Street Update 024