City Representatives Meet with Interior Delegates

Earlier this week, Mayor Eberhart, City Council Members, and Departments Heads met with the Interior Delegates of the Alaska State Legislature to discuss funding requests. Projects the City of Fairbanks would like to move forward with include the following items:
Fuel Storage Tank Replacements and Upgrades. This project would replace aging fuel storage tanks and allow for expansion of fuel storage capacity so that the City has at least 10 days worth of fuel or emergency vehicles and heavy equipment in the event of an emergency.Local Road Reconstruction. This summer’s rainfall made maintenance of 30+ year old roads difficult at best.

Emergency Service Patrol. The expansion of this service to encompass more area over increased hours has had a significantly beneficial impact on the community and emergency responders. This is a mandated service that protects a vulnerable population in our community.

Ambulance Replacement & Cardiac Equipment Upgrades. This would allow the Fairbanks Fire Department to take a 2003 ambulance off of first line response and purchase a new ambulance with needed cardiac equipment.

Information Technology (IT) Disaster Recovery Site. The IT Department would like to create a back up site for our information and possibly even information for the State of Alaska too!

Police Department Evidence Facility. The current secondary evidence building houses large items, such as vehicles and archived records. The building is over 50 years old and is in need of replacement.

Fire Station 3 Emergency Management Storage. Larger pieces of equipment are stored outside and the weather elements make it hard on equipment.

Next step is to meet with the Legislators again in in the late Winter/Early Spring and see if the City of Fairbanks can garner funding toward these projects.

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