City Expands Student Work Study Program to Six Departments

The City of Fairbanks is continuing the student work study program that allows high school students to work with City departments.


Student Logan Arpino is studying under Sam Carlson, Engineer: “I’ve learned about paving roads and how to calculate vision triangles at intersections. I feel like I’m really getting involved with my community while learning about a career I want to pursue.” Jillian Conover is working with the City Clerk’s Office and learning about ordinances and resolutions.  Coordinators are also working to create and fill student work positions available in the Information Technology, Dispatch, and Fire Departments.


Deacon Damario is a high school senior who is interested in public relations. With the help of Wendi Graham, a Technical Writing Teacher at West Valley, Deacon was selected for the program to learn public relations skills in the Mayor’s Office.  “I am very thankful and honored with this opportunity to be able to experience working in a professional environment such as the Mayor’s office,” Deacon stated.  Deacon’s first assignment was to draft a Press Release about the student work study program.


Mayor Eberhart stated, “I am delighted to have Deacon in my office and other students in city departments. We aim to provide the students with both work experience and insight into government. At the same time, we appreciate the help that the students provide to us. My thanks go to the School District, and particularly Wendi Graham for helping us launch this program and partnership.”

Logan Arpino, Jillian Conover, Wendi Graham, and Deacon Damario in Council Chambers.


Contact: Amber Courtney, Communications Director/PIO, 907.590.0910

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