City Council

The City of Fairbanks, Alaska, was incorporated on November 10, 1903 under the federal laws governing the Territory of Alaska.  The original boundaries of the City were far smaller; running roughly from the Chena River south to present day Tenth Avenue.  The Chena also formed the eastern boundary and the western boundary to present day Lathrop Street.

 Shortly after Alaska Statehood, in 1960, the voters approved a home-rule charter adopting the “Council-Manager” form of government. In 1995, the voters amended the charter to adopt a “Council – Mayor” government with a full-time executive Mayor.

 The elected City Council enacts laws, ordinances, resolutions and administrative orders. The Council approves the City budget, sets the mill rate for taxation, and appropriates funds to provide for City services. The Council also approves appointments to boards and commissions which perform specialized services and provides advice to the City government.

 The Fairbanks City Council is composed of seven members (Mayor and six council members) which are elected to serve three-year terms. Their terms are staggered such that each October, two council seats are typically up for election.

 City Council meetings are held Mondays following the first and third Thursdays of each month at 7:00 PM, in the Council Chambers located at 800 Cushman Street.

 The Mayor and City Council cordially invite members of the general public to become a part of the local legislative process. Help us better serve you by attending Council meetings, or stay informed by listening live to City Council meetings on News Radio 970AM (KFBX) and/or online at our website!

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