City Clean Up Day

Last Saturday May 7th, was clean-up day for our City of Fairbanks.  We had a great showing of support, including City employees who volunteered to come out and help.  Public Works had 19 employees that helped clean over at the Johansson snow dump, on Van Horn and on Lathrop.  They also collected garbage along the fence line where garbage seems to collect.  As the picking up of garbage was winding down, the city crews brought out several garbage trucks and went down the roads collecting all the bags of garbage that were gathered throughout the city.  Everyone worked hard to see that this day was a success.

Afterwards, the crews went over to Pioneer Park (Alaskaland) and enjoyed the BBQ that was held for all the volunteers’.  One of the employees stated “It was a good day.  We cleaned up and had fun too!”

Clean up day crew 2016