Chena Riverfront Commission

The Chena Riverfront Commission is charged with the planning and development of riverfront property along the Chena River from Fort Wainwright to the confluence of the Chena and Tanana rivers. The Commission is a joint Commission between the City of Fairbanks and the Fairbanks North Star Borough per FNSB Code and City Code.

The Chena Riverfront Commission shall consist of 11 persons who are residents of the Borough.  The Mayor of the Borough shall appoint six members, who shall be confirmed by the Assembly.  The Mayor of the City shall appoint five members, who shall be confirmed by the City Council.  The terms of office shall be three years, provided that in appointing the original members, each mayor shall stagger the initial terms so that at least one commission member’s term will expire in each year.

Established by ordinance under Fairbanks North Star Borough Code, Chapter 2.37 to develop appropriate plans for riverfront development of the Chena River, the Commission is supported administratively by the FNSB Community Planning Department and under the Fairbanks General Code, Division 10, Section 2.  This Commission is up for reauthorization every six years, by ordinance. This Commission was reauthorized in 2006.

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For further information, contact Mark Mussman, FNSB Staff Coordinator for the Commission at 459-1225 or via email at or call the City Clerk’s Office at 459-6702.

Member Information

FGC 2-421 through 2-431

FNSB Code Chapter 2.37