Chaplain Program Announced

Fairbanks Police Department announced Tuesday May 17th the formation of the new Fairbanks Police Department (FPD) Chaplain Volunteer Program.  This new program consists of five volunteer Chaplains with varied backgrounds and denominations from across the community.

The primary purpose of the FPD Chaplains Program is to assist officers who, in the course of their duties encounter persons in crisis and other stressful situations.  The FPD Chaplains will be available to provide comfort, counseling, ministry and spiritual guidance to Departmental personnel in response to line of duty incidents for officers and their family if they so desire.

In addition, the Police Chaplains may be called upon to assist officers in their service to the public in a variety of situations, including but not limited to; death notification, homicide/suicide cases, fatal or serious injury accidents, critical incidents, and providing aid or comfort to victims and families.

The Police Chaplains’ duties will include:

  • Attending department staff meetings upon invitation
  • Attending departmental functions, such as
    • Promotions
    • Award Presentations
    • Dinners and other social events
    • Academy graduations
    • Provide invocation and/or benediction at events/functions upon request
  • Attending (or have attended) the Fairbanks Police Department Citizen Police Academy
  • Attending (or have attended) the ICPC Basic Certification Course (min 3.5 CEU or 35 hours training) and complete the Basic Chaplain Credential program.

The new program will organize the volunteer chaplains as a Chaplain Team, with one member acting as Team Leader.  Members of the new FPD Chaplain Team announced on Tuesday are from left to right:

Chaplain Jonathan Bagwill

Chaplain Stephen Reed

Chaplain Steve Sabens –Team Leader

Chaplain Joe Blackburn

Chaplain Angela Jones


Deputy Chief Brad Johnson is the Chaplain Program Manager

Volunteer Chaplain Team 003