Thank you to Tony Shumate:

IMG_1323 (2)Antonio “Tony” Shumate has worked with the City of Fairbanks as the Human Resources, Risk, and Purchasing Director since 1990. Tony has been an amazing asset to the employees and the City of Fairbanks. Tony has accepted a job with the Fairbanks North Star Borough and last night Mayor Eberhart read a Proclamation in Tony’s honor at the City Council Meeting. We wish Tony the best of luck in his new endeavor! (Amber)

New Employee: Paul Dick-Fairbanks Police Department

Control Tactics 3 024 (5)Welcome to Paul Dick! Paul graduated from Lathrop High School in 1997 and received a Bachelors in Justice from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2003. He worked as an Equipment Operator/Shop Lead at UAF since 2005 before being hired at the Fairbanks Police Department as a Recruit Police Officer. Paul was hired in February but has been busy at the CTC Law Enforcement Academy, as shown in his photo!


IMG_0981 (2)Eielson Air Force Base is the best home for the next generation fighter known as the F-35. It is in an amazing position to provide world-class training grounds and cost advantage over foreign basing.

By having the F-35, Eielson Air Force Base will see an increase in active duty military by about 76%, about 3,000 to 4,000 jobs, possibly securing the base from any future cuts. In one year alone, an estimated $940 million of new revenue could be brought in by one squadron of F-35s. We will not only see growth in jobs in the community but we will also see a growing economy. The money brought in by the squadron could be spent locally and would stay in the community, building businesses and keeping the local economy strong.

If the community shows their support on the F-35s being brought to Eielson Air Force Base, we will be able to watch our community grow. Together, we can help build Alaska up and raise our national security. Please show your support for the F-35s by registering at

Change Your Clock – Change Your Smoke Detector Battery

untitledThe Interior Fire Chiefs Association and the State Fire Marshal along with your local fire department are joining forces in reminding you this Sunday, March 9th, when you “spring forward” and change your clock one hour ahead; change your smoke detector batteries. This simple step can save lives.

Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery has been recognized as America’s most effective fire safety campaign, helping families keep safe should fire strike.

Working smoke alarms double a family’s chances of surviving a home fire. That’s why Energizer and the International Association of Fire Chiefs started the Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery program over 27 years ago. The program reminds people how important it is to maintain working smoke detectors. Each fall when you change your clocks back to Standard Time, remember to change the batteries in your smoke detectors.

Fire Safety Checklist
• Install a smoke alarm on each level of your home, including the basement. Consult your fire department for proper installation locations.
• Test and vacuum your smoke alarms once a month dust and cobwebs can impair sensitivity.
• Change the batteries in your smoke alarms once a year.
• Install CO (carbon monoxide) detectors in the sleeping area.
• Check flashlight batteries. Always keep a working flashlight near your bed, in the kitchen, basement, and family room in the event of a fire, use a flashlight to signal for help.
• Install fire extinguishers. Be sure to install a fire extinguisher in or near your kitchen and know how to use it. The International Association of Fire Chiefs recommends a multi- or all-purpose fire extinguisher that’s listed by an accredited testing laboratory.
• Make sure your children know and understand fire safety. Children are at double the risk of dying in a home fire, because they often become scared and confused during fires. Show your children where smoke alarms are located. Make sure they recognize the smoke alarm’s sound and understand that a sounding smoke alarm signals a home fire
• Plan and practice your escape routes. Identify at least two different escape routes and practice them with the entire family.

If anyone needs assistance in checking or installing your smoke alarm, please contact your local fire department for help. Also your local fire departments have FREE smoke alarms available and will come out and install.

FROM: Ernie Misewicz, Assistant Fire Chief
DATE: March 7, 2014
Fairbanks Fire Department
(907) 450-6615 590-3717 (cell)


New Employee: Dee Antesberger – Finance

IMG_0979 (2)Welcome to Dee Antesberger! Dee started employment with the City of Fairbanks this Monday in the Finance Department. Dee came to Alaska in 1991 and has made it through 22 winters. She has four children and stays busy following their wrestling and football activities. Originally from Pittsburgh, she is and will always be a Steelers fan! She enjoys being with family, Bible study, fishing and camping. (Amber)

FMATS 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan



2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update

PSA Text

Do you drive, walk, bike, or use transit in Fairbanks, North Pole, or the surrounding area? Of

course you do! So your Fairbanks Metropolitan Area Transportation System would like your feedback

on transportation areas that could be improved. To help collect your comments, questions, and

concerns FMATS has created an Interactive Map. This map allows you to double click on a specific

location in the FMATS region and leave your feedback. Topics for specific comments include:

bicycles, pedestrians, public transportation, safety, streets and highways, and truck or freight.


Public comments will be used to inform the FMATS 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan Update. This

25 year plan sets out the goals FMATS will strive to achieve through funding, project planning, and

construction. Your input is critical in making Fairbanks, North Pole, and the surrounding region

safe and efficient for all users.


For more information check out or to leave a comment visit



Mayor’s Note: March 2014 – Vol 1 Issue 2

Notes 2_Page_1Notes 2

Press Release: Student Work Study Program



Today the City of Fairbanks began a student work study program to allow students from high school to work with various City departments. The first student selected for this program is Jada Anderson of West Valley High School.

Mayor Eberhart stated, “I am excited that the work study program is being started. This will, I am hopeful, give high school students valuable work experience. This opportunity will also give students insight into how government operates. We are looking into expanding the program and affording the opportunity to as many high school students as possible. We hope this experience will help them find work in Fairbanks or interest them in government.”

Jada Anderson is a high school senior who is interested in public relations. With the help of Wendi Graham, a Technical Writing Teacher at West Valley, and Amber Courtney, Communications Director/PIO at Patrick B. Cole City Hall, Jada was selected for the program and started in her Student Work program today learning public relations skills in the Mayor’s Office.

“I am excited for what this opportunity has to offer me and what doors it will open for me in the future, Jada stated. Jada’s first assignment was to draft a Press Release about the student work study program.

Contact: Amber Courtney, Communications Director/PIO, 907.590.0910

New Employee Update: Two Recruit Firefighters

IMG_0970 (2)Welcome to two new City of Fairbanks Recruit Firefighters! Pictured here, with their training supervisor, Joy Beth Cottle, are Recruit Firefighter Tallan Baumfalk and Recruit Firefighter Hunter Gallien, with Mayor Eberhart.

Tallan was born and raised in Alaska. He joined the fire service inj Fairbanks in 2008. After working for a couple of the area departments he accepted employment with the Fairbanks Fire Department in January. When he’s not at work, Tallan enjoys spending time outdoors and playing with his dogs.

Hunter was born and raised in Alaska as well. He is one of the newest members of the Fairbanks Fire Department. Hunter jointed the fire service because of a desire to serve his community and because fast-paced dynamic nature of the job. When not at work, Hunter enjoys spending time outdoors hunting, fishing, and camping.

Proclamation: Multiple Agencies

IMG_0959 (2)Multiple agencies were recognized for their efforts during the large apartment fire in January: City Dispatch, Police, Fire, and Public Works, and mutual aid from Fort Wainwright Fire, University Fire, Steese Volunteer Fire, Chena Goldstream Fire, North Star Fire, and North Pole Fire departments were phenomenal in their response to this emergency. The proclamation below was signed by City Mayor John Eberhart, Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins, and Mayor Bryce Ward from North Pole.

WHEREAS, on this day, the Fairbanks community pauses to reflect and recognize public servants whose actions, quick thinking and teamwork saved the lives of 13 people; and

WHEREAS, at or about 3:50 am on January 29th, 2014 dispatchers, police, fire, and public works staff from the City of Fairbanks, as well as responders from Fort Wainwright Fire and Emergency Services, University Fire Department, Steese Volunteer Fire Department, Chena Goldstream Fire and Rescue, North Star Fire Department, and the North Pole Fire Department responded to a mutual-aid structure fire at a multi-use commercial building and apartment complex located at 3550 Geraghty Street; and

WHEREAS, Fairbanks Emergency Communications Center dispatchers quickly and professionally coordinated mutual-aid and law enforcement efforts; and

WHEREAS, mutual-aid crews consisting of 59 firefighting personnel and apparatus from six fire departments swiftly rendered rescue, fire suppression and containment; and

WHEREAS, fire crews battled heavy fire conditions, smoke, water and extreme snow and cold; and

WHEREAS, Fairbanks Police Department personnel responded to jointly investigate causation; and

WHEREAS, City of Fairbanks public works staff responded by swiftly providing site security, traffic control and emergency thawing of storm drains that mitigated the freezing and contamination hazard potential of the 1.2 million gallons of water used to subdue and contain the fire; and

WHEREAS, exemplary leadership, decisive actions and teamwork led to the saving of 13 lives and the containment of a large and destructive fire:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Luke Hopkins, Mayor of the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and I, John Eberhart, Mayor of the City of Fairbanks, and I, Bryce Ward, Mayor of the City of North Pole, recognize the selfless service, teamwork and professionalism of all who responded to the rescue and fire-fighting effort the morning of January 29th, 2014.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this 24th day of February, 2014.
— with Brenda Turk Geier.