Engineering Intern for the City of Fairbanks

The City is pleased that we have been able to have Engineering Interns for the summer:

One of the Interns is Jacob Rahlfs:


Jacob: “I am currently in my senior year of undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering at UAF. I plan to complete my undergraduate studies in the spring of 2015 and begin graduate studies the following semester. The current plan upon completing my studies at UAF include staying in Fairbanks, practicing civil engineering while working towards becoming a professional engineer, and raising a family.”

Engineering Intern for the City of Fairbanks

The City is please that we have been able to have Engineering Interns for the summer:

Elliot Clausen is one of the interns working with us:  I1

Elliot: “I grew up in Fairbanks and have traveled as far North, East, South, and West as Circle, Boundary, Ketchikan, and Manley respectively. I fish in the summer, hunt in the fall, and trap in the winter. I enjoy getting out and seeing different parts of Alaska and have been on almost every section of navigable water on the Tanana. I received my B.S. in Civil Engineering from UAF and am a second year graduate student in Arctic Engineering; a degree that I believe will best prepare me for work in Fairbanks and the Interior where I’d like to stay.”


Geraghty Fire Investigation Leads to Indictment






The Fairbanks Police Department investigation of the January 29, 2014 fire at 3550 Geraghty Street, has led to the indictment of Conar Groppel, DOB 5/26/96.  Charges include Murder in the First Degree, Murder in the Second Degree (three counts), Manslaughter, Arson in the First Degree and Second Degree, Criminal Mischief in the First Degree, Burglary in the First Degree (two counts), and Tampering with Evidence (two counts).


The bodies of two women, Jane Connolly, age 50, and Kristina Pence, age 39, were found on the premises after the fire.  Numerous people were also treated for smoke inhalation, burns, and exposure.  The building had 18 apartments on the second floor and a store and offices on the first floor.  Both deceased women were residents of the apartment. The building was substantially damaged, collapsed, and subsequently demolished after investigators completed on-scene evidence recovery and investigation.


Conar Groppel is currently incarcerated on an unrelated incident involving another law enforcement agency and will be remanded on the new charges.  Due to the ongoing investigation, no interviews or additional information will be given at this time.


Anyone with information regarding this case, please contact Detective Scott Adams at 450-6552.


Contact: Amber Courtney, Communications Director/PIO 459.6793 or



Council Agenda Packet – 07/07/14

To view the Council Agenda Packet for the Regular Meeting of July 7, 2014 click the below link:

Council Agenda Packet – 07/07/2014

The City Welcomes a new Human Resource Director


Barbara Sunday brings robust human resources experience with her and is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management. Barbara most recently worked for Tanana Chiefs Conference (since 2009), and Fairbanks Native Association before that. Barbara has the advantage of working with hugely diverse populations and cultures as an US Air Force dependent, and moved every three years for most of her life until she landed here in Fairbanks in 1981 with the US Army.

Council Action Notice – 06/23/14

To view the Action Notice for the Regular City Council Meeting of June 23, 2014 click the below link.

Council Action Notice – 06/23/14

“Run from the Cops” Fundraiser Run!

The Second Annual “Run from the Cops” fundraiser run is this Saturday, June 28th.  This benefits the “Wish Upon a North Star” foundation – it’s a good cause.  You can even register the day of the run!  Run starts at 11:00 a.m. at the Fairbanks Police Department, 911 Cushman Street.  Brandon and Tonya stopped by for the bib pick-up tonight, they are ready!


Council Agenda Packet – 06/23/14

To view the Agenda Packet for the Regular City Council Meeting of June 23, 2014 click the below link:

Agenda Packet – 06/23/2014

Press Release: Update-John Druck Wallis Investigation





On January 5, 2013, John Druck Wallis passed away after receiving serious burns on January 1, 2013, while he was at the US Post Office on Barnette Street.  The Medical Examiner’s report determined that Mr. Wallis’ cause of death was the result of the thermal burns he sustained. The Fairbanks Fire and Police departments have investigated the cause of the fire, but the source of the fire remains unknown.  There were no indications that accelerants were used to start the fire.   The manner of his death remains undetermined due to insufficient evidence to ascertain whether the burns sustained were accidental or intentional as the result of actions by himself or another person.


Witnesses indicated that another person may have been with Mr. Wallis immediately prior to the fire. City investigators have spoken with multiple witnesses and followed up on all leads, but have not located anyone who was in the Post Office at the time the fire started.  It is not believed that Mr. Wallis had arguments or issues with anyone in the community prior to his death.


Investigators request that anyone with information regarding this case please contact the FPD Investigations Division, 907.450.6550,


Contact: Amber Courtney, Communications Director/PIO 459.6793 or


Council Action Notice – 06/09/14

To view the Council Action for the Regular Meeting of June 9, 2014 click the below link.

Council Action Notice – 06/09/2014