Council Action Notice – 11/23/2015

To view the City Council Action Notice from the Regular Meeting of November 23, 2015, click the below link.

Council Action Notice – 11/23/2015

City Council Audio – 11/23/2015

City Council Meeting – The following link contains the audio of the City Council Meeting that was held on November 23, 2015.
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Council Agenda Packet – 11/23/2015

To view the City Council Agenda for the Regular Meeting of November 23, 2015 click the below link.

Council Agenda Packet – 11/23/2015

Explore our Sister City – Fanano, Italy!

Did you know we have a Sister City in Fanano, Italy? Fanano lays claim to Felix Pedro, the explorer who discovered gold in Fairbanks. Felice Pedroni (Felix Pedro’s real name) was born in Trignano, Italy, a small village very close to Fanano. Mayor Eberhart recently visited both Fanano and Trignano, and a Fanano Sister City Workgroup has formed to bolster our relationship and exchanges. Please click on this link to see pictures and learn more:

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Snow Plowing Estimated Schedule

Snow Plowing Schedule

The City of Fairbanks Public Works Department will be addressing the clearing of roadways within the City limits on a rotating schedule as noted below.  This is an approximate 3-week turn around.  If there is significant additional snowfall before the rotation ends, we will address the *emergency areas and main thoroughfares immediately and then return to the residential rotation where we left off.  The night shift will address the Downtown Core Area weekly.

Below is the projected rotating snow removal schedule for RESIDENTIAL areas (day shift):







1 Weeks Field Memorial Park, Mooreland Acres Nov 10-11 COMPLETED
2 Island Home, East of Noble (Townsite Subdivision), Walden Estates Nov 12-13 COMPLETED
3 Lemeta, Royal Court, Dead Ends North of College Road Nov 16-17 COMPLETED
4 Rickert, Gateway, Bjerremark Nov 18-20 IN PROGRESS
5 EM Jones, South Westgate, Executive Park, Hilton Park, Westgate, Taku and Doyon Estates Nov 3-Dec 10 Estimated
6 Hamilton Acres South, Hamilton Acres North, Shannon Park Dec 7 – Dec 10 Estimated
7 Aurora, Johnston, Brant, Slaterville and Graehl Subdivisions Dec 14-Dec 17 Estimated



When areas are posted we require all vehicles, motorhomes, trailers, etc be removed from the roadway to allow our crews to remove all the snow.


*Safety Zones:  Schools, Hospitals, Fire and Police access

*Main Corridors:  Cushman, Noble, Barnette, Cowles, Lacey, Old Steese (Night Shift only)


Please note: The transfer of snow from private property/driveways into the street, City right of way, or drainage ditches is prohibited per FGC Sec. 70-321(b) and FGC Sec. 82-336B, and could result in a $200.00 fine.

We respectfully request the public’s cooperation in assisting our crews, as we endeavor to do the best possible job clearing the streets in a timely manner.

Council Action Notice – 11/09/2015

To view the Council Action from the Regular Meeting of November 9, 2015, click the below link.

Council Action Notice – 11/09/2015

What to do with all that snow?

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Council Agenda Packet – 11/09/2015

To view the City Council Agenda Packet for the Regular Meeting of November 9, 2015, click the below link.

Council Agenda Packet – 11/09/2015

2015 Hotel/Motel Discretionary Fund Grant Application Period Ends November 2!

Grant Recipient Logo ColorThe City Clerk’s Office will accept Hotel/Motel Discretionary Fund Grant Applications from Thursday, October 1 through 5 p.m. Monday, November 2, 2015.  To download the application or to learn more about who may apply, visit our Discretionary Fund Information page!


 For Immediate Release



Three persons have been arrested in connection with the John D. Kavairlook, Jr. homicide. Early on the morning of May 17th, Mr. Kavairlook was shot multiple times in a parking lot after an altercation at the Rock N Rodeo nightclub. Mr. Kavairlook died at the scene.


Joel Roland Joseph, DOB 10/2/89, formerly of Anchorage, was arrested on Tuesday in Selma, Texas, by U.S. Marshals and New Braunfels Police Department Detectives, on a warrant for Murder in the First Degree. Joseph had relocated to New Braunfels, Texas, two days after the homicide of Mr. Kavairlook.


Joseph’s brother, David Gregory Joseph, DOB 12/9/80, was arrested in Anchorage and has been indicted on charges of Hindering Prosecution in the First Degree. David Gregory Joseph was not present the morning of the homicide.


Demarius William Hinson, DOB 12/29/89, was arrested on Wednesday in Orlando, Florida, on a $500,000 warrant for Hindering Prosecution in the First Degree. Hinson, formerly of Anchorage, had fled the country after the homicide and returned to the United States a month ago.


Investigators are declining to disclose the specific roles of suspects until all persons involved have been apprehended. Additional arrests are expected.


“Investigators have spent well over 3,000 hours working on this case,” Mayor Eberhart stated. “Chief Aragon and I have worked to ensure that the resources needed are available to investigators, and we will continue to support their work in solving this heinous crime. The perpetrators must be brought to justice and there must be closure for Mr. Kavairlook, the families, and our community.”


Police continue to investigate and ask that anyone with information about the shooting contact the Fairbanks Police Department, Detective Peyton Merideth at 907.450.6592 or via email at


Contact:           Amber Courtney 907.459.6793