How To Obtain A Permit

For projects which do not require plans and other data, permit applications may be downloaded, completed, then FAXED to (907) 459-6719. Otherwise applications must accompany plans.

Please follow the instructions below and then choose the appropriate download(s) from the list to the right.



YOU: Complete lines 1 through 11 of the Building Permit Application and sign the document.

YOU: Attach this application to two sets (three sets for commercial projects,also include an electronic PDF document of the plans) of your complete plans which include the items called for in the Residential Plan Submittal Checklist. Note that a Zoning Permit from the Fairbanks North Star Borough Planning Department must also be included. As well, you must identify which method of Energy Compliance you have selected.


WE: Review plans for compliance with the applicable codes and local amendments as adopted by the City of Fairbanks. If the plans are complete, the plan review will take approximately 6 to 10 working days. We will identify the corrections necessary in a written plan review. If major corrections are required, the plans may be returned for further correction, or you will be contacted in order to arrange for a meeting to resolve deficiencies.


WE: Will notify you when your plan review and building permit are ready. At this time the reviewer/inspector will meet with you to provide clarification regarding deficiencies or omissions in the plans, as well as answer any questions you may have. The building permit fees are paid at that time and one set of the corrected plans is returned along with all pertinent handouts. Separate permits are required for plumbing, electrical and mechanical work. These permits are usually secured by subcontractors.


YOU: Are required to call for inspections before work is covered. Refer to the list of required inspections for specifics on when inspections must be requested. Please note that the person doing the work is responsible for arranging for the inspection and that inspections should be requested 24 hours in advance. For Inspections call: 459-6720.

Building Permit Application [33 KB]
Electrical Permit Application [32 KB]
Plumbing Permit Application [22 KB]
Mechanical Permit Application [22 KB]
Sign Permit Application [94 KB]Residential Plan Submittal Checklist [64 KB]
Commercial Plan Submittal Checklist [59 KB]
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy Bond Application [48 KB]
Landscape Bond Application [46 KB]

Site Development Checklist  [200 KB]


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