Payment System Down

This is Corey. He has been our IT guy for a while, but apparently he does not learn, because he let the new IT guy, Caleb, lead him astray. They are pictured here up to no good. As a result, the payment system for the City of Fairbanks is broken (again). We will let you know as soon as it is working.



Mayor Eberhart and Chief Aragon Arrested!

Mayor John Eberhart and Police Chief Randall Aragon were arrested by the Golden Days Jailers yesterday! Mayor Eberhart did have his Golden Days pin on, and both he and Chief Aragon were released on their own recognizance.
Happy Golden Days from the Staff at the City of Fairbanks!

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Payment System Fixed:

Caleb (new IT guy) is off the hook. We took the termination check out of his hand and he seemed somewhat relieved. You may now make online payments again. Thank you for your patience.

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Payment System Down: Blame the New Guy

This is Caleb.  Caleb is the new IT guy.  The payment system for the City of Fairbanks is temporarily down.  We are blaming the new guy, not because he broke it, but because… well, we can.  Thanks, Caleb.  We will update this site when the payment system is working again.  Thank you!


Press Release: Pearl Watson Proclaimed City of Fairbanks “City Hostess”




Pearl Watson Proclaimed City of Fairbanks “City Hostess”


Fairbanks, AK: At the Fairbanks City Council meeting on Monday, July 20, 2015, Mayor Eberhart read a City of Fairbanks proclamation making Pearl Watson the official City of Fairbanks City Hostess.


The City of Fairbanks Hostess/Host is an honorific title given to an individual to represent the City of Fairbanks in a gracious, diplomatic, and hospitable manner at community events.  The City Hostess or Host may attend any community events of their choosing as the City of Fairbanks representative.  Each City Hostess or Host may select the events they wish to attend. There are no mandatory duties that the Hostess or Host must perform.


Pearl Watson has been active in our community for almost 70 years.  Pearl graduated from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and worked to transcribe Alaska Native history for the UAF museum.


Pearl is currently the President of the Interior Alaska Sourdoughs, a member of the Elks, and the American Legion Auxiliary.  Pearl is also active at the Senior Center, the Pioneer’s Home, in her church, and with activities with friends and family.


Photo – Mayor John Eberhart and Pearl Watson

Permission is given to any news agency to use the photo courtesy of the City.

Amber Courtney, Communications Director/PIO 907.459.6793



Continuing the Conversation with Governor Walker

Governor Walker held a day long meeting on “Continuing the Conversation Budget Discussion” last week here in Fairbanks. Community leaders were invited for a second time to participate in discussing Alaska’s economic future. Two objectives of the first gathering were to define the right size of government and to develop a solution most Alaskans agree to for closing the fiscal gap. The second meeting focused on identifying how to deal with declining revenues and growing operating costs. Teams discussed possible solutions and cost cutting options.
Mayor Eberhart worked with Karl Kassel as part of a work group during a break-out session.


Cushman Street Reconstruction-Pardon Our Progress!

Cushman Street is still open for business!  The purple raven signs are there to remind everyone that our local businesses are there for you.   Don’t let a little challenge like construction get in your way to find the goods and services you need.  Cushman Street is getting an amazing make-over, please “Pardon Our Dust.”  We hope you will come and look at all that is going on this First Friday.  Raven artwork by Sue Sprinkle-Fifth Avenue Design.

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Walgreens Grand Opening

Mayor Eberhart and his wife, Sylvia, attended the Grand Opening of Walgreens earlier this month. Mayor Eberhart gave a speech welcoming them to our community. Economic development has been an important part of Mayor Eberhart’s efforts in our community and he supports growth in our business sector. Thank you for coming to Fairbanks, Walgreens!

Photo: Mayor Luke Hopkins, Sylvia Eberhart, Mayor John Eberhart. Courtesy of the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce.

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Welcome Emily Braniff!

Emily started today with the City Clerk’s Office:   My name is Emily Braniff, I was born and raised in Fairbanks.   I attended college in Michigan and did my student teaching in Colorado but like so many others, I found my way back to this beautiful place.   I enjoy spending time with my family, gardening, cooking and travel.  I believe summertime in Fairbanks is one of the most beautiful places in the world….  Unless it’s raining nonstop. 

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Sharps Needle Safety for All!

Please click on the “Read More” button below to watch a video from our Public Works, Police, and Fire departments on how we can work together to keep everyone safe and healthy!