A Tree to Watch Grow

The Girl Scouts from Troop 144, led by Scout Leader Joseph Price, came to the Patrick B. Cole City Hall to plant a tree. The tree is a Prunus Virginiana, commonly known as a chokecherry, that was donated to Troop 144 by Holm Town Nursery.  The Girl Scouts met Mayor Eberhart and each of them received a City pin and the Mayor’s card.

Planting the tree was a lesson for the Girl Scouts about helping to take care of their community, the environment, service and charity. They learned from the City’s arborist, Phil Petman, why Fall is the best time to plant a tree, how to plant a tree, what kind of food and nutrients a tree needs and about the water a tree needs.  The Girl Scouts were involved in digging the hole, measuring to see that it was the right size, removing the tree from the pot, loosening the root ball and planting the tree.  As the girls grow, they are encouraged to come back and see how their tree has also grown.


Girl Scout Troop 144