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Mayors March for Youth Homelessness on September 10. Please Donate.

Fairbanks Youth Advocates has been providing 24/7 safe shelter to homeless youth aged 12 to 18 since 2014 at The Door.  Homeless youth often spend days and nights walking the streets because they have nowhere to go. Last year The Door provided shelter to 79 different youth.  This year The Door expects the count to […]

Invitation to Community Meeting

Dear Property Owner or Occupant:   The City of Fairbanks would like to invite you to a community meeting on Thursday, August 11 to discuss the presence of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in groundwater near the Regional Fire Training Center (RFTC) at 1730 30th Avenue. You are receiving this invitation because we have collected a sample […]

Sakha Delegation Visits Fairbanks

A delegation from Sakha Republic visited Fairbanks last week and was particularly interested in power and energy issues.  The delegation visited Alaska to participate in the Northern Forum Regional Coordinators Committee meeting in Anchorage.  The Northern Forum was established in 1991 to improve the quality of life of Northern peoples by providing  Northern regional leaders […]