Mayor’s Statement – 11/29/13

When I decided to run for Mayor of the City of Fairbanks, I did it because I felt we as a community could accomplish more, succeed more, and be more, if we did it together.

Thanks to the voters, I have achieved my first goal: to be in a position to help guide our local government in a direction that brings strength and cohesion to our city and larger community. I have begun to implement strategies that will allow for greater inclusion in the decision-making processes that affect all of us.

I will introduce an Ordinance to establish a Diversity Commission. I have started meeting with leaders who represent diverse cultural and socio-economic groups to discuss what that commission might look like and what it can focus on. I have ensured that vacancies for all City committees and appointed seats are advertised and known to anyone who is interested in applying.

In the current economic environment, it is crucial that we find ways to avoid unnecessary services among the governmental bodies and that we work together to increase efficiencies. Efforts are already moving forward to study Intergovernmental Service Agreements between the Fairbanks North Star Borough, Fort Wainwright, the City of Fairbanks, and other community partners. I fully support the City’s engagement in these efforts. I believe that we can find more ways to increase services to the public while cutting costs and perhaps generating revenue.

Transparency is my benchmark for moving forward to provide citizens with avenues of access to information and communication with City departments. I have an open door policy and I also invite members of our community to attend any of our public meetings and contact me with comments, ideas, or concerns. It will take all of us working together to make our Golden Heart City stronger. We are Stronger Together.

Please follow our activities at,, and @cityoffairbanks.

Council Action Notice – 11/25/13

The following link contains the Council Action from the Regular City Council Meeting of November 25, 2013.

Council Action Notice – 11/25/13

Proposed Hand-carried Resolution No. 4596

PDF: Proposed Hand-carried Resolution No. 4596



WHEREAS, Patrick Cole came to Fairbanks to attend the University of Alaska, graduated in
1972, worked at the Public Library from 1972 to 1978, then returned to school, and graduated from
the University of Idaho School of Law in 1978; and

WHEREAS, Patrick worked as an Assistant Borough Attorney here in Fairbanks from 1978
to 1983, was first employed by the City of Fairbanks in 1983 and subsequently worked at the City
over the next 30 years as Deputy City Attorney, Deputy City Manager/Attorney, City Manager,
Administrative Services Director, and finally as Chief of Staff; and

WHEREAS, Patrick was a member of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District’s
Recruiting Roundtable, an arbitrator with the Alaska Bar Association’s Fee Dispute Panel, was the
Vice Chair of the AML/JIA Board of Trustees, served on the AML’s Legislative Revenue & Finance
subcommittee; and

WHEREAS, Patrick was widely known for his expertise in labor issues, made presentations
to the Alaska Municipal Managers Association on his innovative and progressive approach to
collective bargaining, and worked with other municipalities on a unified and balanced approach to
employee compensation, all of which earned him the Vic Fischer Local Government Leadership
Award in 2012; and

WHEREAS, Patrick’s hard work here in Fairbanks and statewide often went unrecognized,
in large part because of his style. Never one to draw attention to himself, Patrick was more likely to
credit and praise others or to emphasize that a project was a group effort; and

WHEREAS, Patrick was an advisor to not only mayors and commissioners, he was an
advisor and confidante to coworkers and friends, always giving people who sought his advice his
sincerest consideration; and

WHEREAS, Pat was kind, diplomatic, compassionate, just, patient, and wonderfully amiable
and will long be remembered for his kindness and willingness to help others; and

WHEREAS, Pat was a friend to many and will be deeply missed by his family, co-workers,
and the community he served.
Resolution No. 4596 Page 2 of 2


Mr. Cole’s vigilance and devotion to our community and his profession,
as well as his kindness, are, and will be, a lasting example to the City
Council, and

That the City Council extends its deepest appreciation to the Cole family
for sharing Patrick with the City and its residents, and offers its deepest
sympathy for the loss of such a good and thoughtful man.

PASSED AND APPROVED this 25th day of November 2013.


Counci Meeting Agenda – 11/25/13

Click on the below link to download the Council Agenda for the Regular City Council Meeting of November 25, 2013.

Agenda Packet 11-25-2013

REPORTING STORM DAMAGE: Click for Full-Size Documents

13-11-20 Reporting Damage from Storm Press Release FINALdamage reporting flyer (2) (2)



WHEREAS, on or about November 12, 2013, a severe winter storm occurred in the Fairbanks area; and

WHEREAS, the Fairbanks area received substantial and heavy precipitation in the form of freezing rains, wet snow and up to 70 mph winds resulting in a large number of downed trees damaging power lines and creating extensive and long lasting power and phone outages; and

WHEREAS, the conditions which have brought about this disaster emergency resulted in power outages to an estimated 16,000 area residences initially; and

WHEREAS, subsequently, a cold weather front settled in the Tanana Valley and the area is expected to experience temperatures dropping to well below zero; and

WHEREAS, Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA) the local electric cooperative continues to have line crews working 24 hours a day and has asked for and received mutual aid from other utilities statewide and yet anticipates power outages to continue in areas for several more days; and

WHEREAS, there is a severe lack of communication to those residents still without power to determine if individual assistance is necessary; and

WHEREAS, the weather conditions within the area have resulted in actual threats to life and further damage to property; and

WHEREAS, residents will not begin to recover from this emergency until actual damage to property caused by frozen domestic water systems and failed heating systems is determined after power is restored to residences with long-term outages; and

WHEREAS, the emergency has caused the need to open warming centers and ready overnight shelters for those individuals without power, heat and water; and

WHEREAS, the disaster/emergency set forth above continues to threaten the safety, security and livelihood of City of Fairbanks residents; and,

WHEREAS, the severity and magnitude of the emergency is beyond the timely and effective response capability of individual and local resources; and

WHEREAS, the Borough Mayor has declared a Disaster Emergency for the Fairbanks North Star Borough,

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Mayor of the City of Fairbanks does declare a Disaster Emergency as per AS 26.23.140 to exist within the City of Fairbanks; and,

FURTHERMORE, it is requested that the Governor of the State of Alaska declare a Disaster Emergency to exist as described in AS 26.23 and provide State assistance to the City of Fairbanks in its response and recovery from this event.

PROCLAIMED AND DECLARED this 19 day of November, 2013Proclamation-Disaster.


Residents are still being affected by the winter storm that hit our community last week. Tomorrow, Mayor John Eberhart will issue a Proclamation declaring a Disaster Emergency within the City of Fairbanks and request state and federal assistance for residents who may need that support. “At this point we know that there are residents who are still without power, but the extent of the damage to residences and businesses is still undetermined. We want those citizens who may need assistance to have access to any available programs,” stated Mayor Eberhart.

The Proclamation cannot be continued for longer than seven days without City Council consent. The Proclamation is being issued tomorrow so that the City Council can act on it at the next meeting on Monday, November 25th, 2013.

Assistant Chief Ernie Misewicz reports that the City of Fairbanks Fire Department responded to over 60 emergency calls within the first 8 hours of the storm. “The challenges the citizens are having is large trees that have fallen on homes and outbuildings, blocking roadways and knocking out power lines.” Fire and ambulance crews continue to work to ensure the safety of people.

Police call volumes were quite high as well, and Police Chief Laren Zager implemented additional officer coverage by holding over shifts and having additional shifts report to work early. “The good news is that the situation seemed well controlled… there was just a higher volume of the things we deal with normally, fender benders and bad weather related calls,” he said.

Further information received on obtaining the requested assistance from state and federal agencies will be posted on our website, Facebook, and twitter accounts:,, @cityoffairbanks

Contact: Amber Courtney, PIO, 907.459.6793 or


GVEA Outage: Important Links

GVEA is experiencing a high call volume due to the outage. For outage updates please visit:

Streetlights Not In Sync:

We apologize for the delay over the past several days, as lights on Cushman are not in synchronization and we realize motorists are having to stop more times than usual. We are ordering parts for the system that keeps the timing in order, but the system is from the mid-70’s and parts are difficult to find. Please note that over the next two years these defunct systems are being replaced, so long term-help is on the horizon, and short-term help is on the way! Thank you for bearing with us, Amber. 459-6770


Expected Snowfall: Clearing Streets

With the new weather forecast calling for 2-10 inches through Wednesday night please be advised that the city will be plowing every neighborhood street and leaving behind snow berms before any snow removal begins.
Some residents will see snow berms on streets for an extended period before the snow is removed, as the priority remains keeping roads clear for emergency responders and citizens. Please note we will not block driveways with berms, and if you have difficulty due to a berm we have created, please let us know at 459-6770.
The City has day and night crews out working and we are currently hiring extra operators.
Thank you.