Landscape Review and Appeals Commission


The Landscape Review & Appeals Commission is granted powers and duties as provided in FGC Sec. 2-375, subject to the applicant’s right of appeal to the City Council:  The Landscape Review & Appeals Commission shall, within ten city working days of submission, review any disputes arising from the Building Official’s application of the prescriptive design method (FGC Sec. 10-438(c)(1)), an applicant’s election to use the professional design method (FGC Sec. 10-438(c)(2)), or an applicant’s election to use the alternative compliance method (FGC Sec. 10-438(c)(3)).  Applicants may appeal an adverse decision of the Landscape Review and Appeals Commission to the City Council at the next regular meeting of the City Council that occurs at least seven calendar days after a denial by the Commission.


A majority of the Commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, and three affirmative votes shall be necessary to carry any question.  Permanent records of meetings shall be kept and promptly filed in the Office of the City Clerk.  All meeting minutes shall be open to inspection by any person.

Member Information

FGC 2-371 through 2-375

Email the Landscape Review and Appeals Commission


Permanent Fund Review Board


The Board shall advise and make recommendations to the City Council concerning investment policy, strategy, and asset selection and allocation of the permanent fund.  The Board may use the services of a professional investment advisor/manager in rendering its advice and recommendations to the City Council.


The purpose of the permanent fund is to maximize income for capital and operating expenses of the city and preserve in trust assets of the city for present and future generations of city residents.  The principal goal shall be to preserve principal and maintain purchasing power.  For a complete description and explanation of investment policies and procedures, please see Fairbanks General Code 2-256 through 2-262 (link below).


The Permanent Fund Review Board is a Committee formed in accordance with the Fairbanks Home Rule Charter, Section 8.8(b).  Meetings are held quarterly at City Hall in the Council Chambers and are open to the public.  Special meetings may be called by the chairman or by a majority of the members.  A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum and a majority shall be necessary to carry any question.  Minutes shall be kept as a permanent record of all meetings and shall be filed in the Office of the City Clerk.

Member Information

FGC 2-256 through 2-262

Email the Permanent Fund Review Board


Public Safety Commission


  • To research issues that are delegated by the Mayor and/or City Council and provide advice to the Mayor or City Council on referred issues.
  • To advise the Mayor and City Council regarding police, fire suppression and prevention, emergency medical services and operation of emergency dispatch services.
  • To receive and analyze public comments and complaints and make recommendations to the Mayor and City Council.


The Public Safety Commission is a Committee operating under the authority as described in Fairbanks General Code 2-471 through 2-474 (see link below).  Meetings of the Commission are held quarterly or on an “as needed” basis and all meetings are open to the public.  The Commission does not have the power to meet privately in executive session.  Please contact the Office of the City Clerk for meeting locations and time.

Member Information

FGC 2-471 through 2-474

Email the Public Safety Commission


2014 Public Safety Commission Meetings:

  • 01-14-14 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes

2013 Public Safety Commission Meetings:

  • 12-17-13 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 10-29-13 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 08-20-13 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 07-09-13 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 06-11-13 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 05-14-13 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 04-16-13 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 02-12-13 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 01-08-13 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes


2012 Public Safety Commission Meetings:

  • 12-11-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 11-13-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 10-09-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 07-10-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 06-12-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 05-08-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 04-17-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 03-13-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 02-14-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes
  • 01-10-12 Public Safety Commission Meeting |  Agenda  |  Minutes


Chena Riverfront Commission

The Chena Riverfront Commission is charged with the planning and development of riverfront property along the Chena River from Fort Wainwright to the confluence of the Chena and Tanana rivers. The Commission is a joint Commission between the City of Fairbanks and the Fairbanks North Star Borough per FNSB Code and City Code.

The Chena Riverfront Commission shall consist of 11 persons who are residents of the Borough.  The Mayor of the Borough shall appoint six members, who shall be confirmed by the Assembly.  The Mayor of the City shall appoint five members, who shall be confirmed by the City Council.  The terms of office shall be three years, provided that in appointing the original members, each mayor shall stagger the initial terms so that at least one commission member’s term will expire in each year.

Established by ordinance under Fairbanks North Star Borough Code, Chapter 2.37 to develop appropriate plans for riverfront development of the Chena River, the Commission is supported administratively by the FNSB Community Planning Department and under the Fairbanks General Code, Division 10, Section 2.  This Commission is up for reauthorization every six years, by ordinance. This Commission was reauthorized in 2006.

For further information, contact Mark Mussman, FNSB Staff Coordinator for the Commission at 459-1225 or via email at or call the City Clerk’s Office at 459-6702.

Member Information

FGC 2-421 through 2-431

FNSB Code Chapter 2.37


Commission on Historic Preservation


  • To prepare and maintain an inventory of buildings and sites of historic, cultural, architectural, geographic and archaeological significance located in the Borough.
  • To develop a local historical preservation plan, including but not limited to provisions for the identification, protection and interpretation of the area’s significant resources and provisions for the establishment of historic districts. The plan should be compatible with the State Historic Preservation Plan and produce information about resources that is compatible with the State Heritage Resource Survey.
  • To develop and review nominations to the National Register of Historic Places for properties within the Borough.
  • To review and make recommendations on local projects, including the alteration of existing structures, new construction, demolition permits, and changes in zoning and platting that might affect properties identified in the local inventory and historic or prehistoric resources that have not been discovered yet.
  • To develop a plan for the continuing education of residents of the Borough regarding historic preservation and the history of the Borough.
  • To recommend to the Borough Mayor actions within the powers of the Borough which will support the enforcement of this section and the State Historic Preservation Act.
  • To report to the Borough Assembly not less frequently than annually on its activities. This report shall be forwarded to the City of Fairbanks.


Four members shall be nominated by the Borough Mayor.  Two members shall be residents of the City of Fairbanks and shall be nominated by the Mayor of the City of Fairbanks.  One member shall be a resident from the North Pole community and shall be nominated by the Mayor of the City of North Pole.  All members shall be confirmed by the Borough Assembly. One member shall, if possible, be an architect or an architectural historian. One member shall, if possible, be an archaeologist.  One member shall, if possible, be a historian.

The term of office of members of the Commission on Historic Preservation shall be for three years. Terms of office shall be staggered so that no more than three commissioners’ terms of office expire in any year.

Member Information

Ordinance No. 5938 – Amending Membership of the Historic Preservation Commission

FGC 2-331 through 2-347

FNSB Code Chapter 2.64



Discretionary Fund Information

OFFICIAL 2015 Hotel/Motel Discretionary Grant Disbursements (Approved by Resolution 4653)

FGC Article IV, Hotel-Motel Tax

Hotel/Motel Discretionary Fund Logo

History of Hotel/Motel Grant Disbursements – 1996 through 2015

Hotel/Motel Tax Revenue History

Hotel/Motel Discretionary Fund Committee

City Business License Information

IMPORTANT NOTE – Do not use this form when RENEWING your City business license.  Use this form only to apply for a NEW 2015 business license.  RENEWALS for 2015 were mailed the first week of January and will not be due until February 28, 2015.  If you have other questions pertaining to business licensing, contact the City Clerk’s Office at (907) 459-6702 or email 

2015 New City Business License Form

FGC 14-601 through 14-604

City Limits Map (2011 @ 8.5 X 11) | City Limits Map (2011 @ 11 x 17)

Licenses and Permits

City Business License Information
Chauffeur License
Master Operator Company License
Commercial Garbage Collector License
Private Detective License
Multi-Vendor Event Permit
Vehicle for Hire Permit
Vehicle for Hire Company Permit
Special Event/Parade Permit

     Applicable City Code
FGC 14-601 through 14-604
Ordinance No. 5982
FGC 14-431 through 14-433
FGC 14-361 through 14-369
FGC 14-121 through 14-134
FGC 14-71 through 14-74
Ordinance No. 5982
Ordinance No. 5982
FGC 78-572


Noise Variance Permit

FGC 46-42


For information on building permits, plan submittal, inspections or building codes, please visit the Building Department Home Page.


For information on Right-of-way Permits, construction standards, and invitations to bid, please visit the Engineering Department Home Page.


City of Fairbanks Fee Schedule
Map of City Limits


Bed Tax Discretionary Fund Committee


  • Acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council
  • Assures that funding is provided to organizations that guarantee the furtherance of the promotion of the tourist industry and other economic development and for the funding of services for the general public.
  • Reviews applications from organizations applying for grant dollars and makes recommendations to the City Council for fund distribution.
  • Reviews the Fairbanks General Code (FGC), Section 74, and makes recommendations to the City Council for modifications and/or additions.


The Hotel/Motel Discretionary Fund Committee Meetings are held in December and January of each year at City Hall in the Council Chambers.  Please contact the Office of the City Clerk at (907) 459-6702 for meeting dates and times.

Member Information

FGC Article IV, Hotel-Motel Tax

Discretionary Fund Information

Email the Hotel/Motel Discretionary Fund Committee


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