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Auto Pay Form

Auto Pay form

Municipal Election Information

CITY OF FAIRBANKS NOTICE OF OFFICES – 2018   HISTORIC ELECTION INFORMATION Voter Turnout History (2007-2017) Candidate & Proposition Voting Data (2007-2017) INFORMATION FOR VOTERS 2018 Absentee Ballot Application (follow instructions on form) Precinct Maps (Borough & Cities of Fairbanks & North Pole) You may register to vote or update your voter information online at or download […]

Request for Public Records

To make a public records request, complete the form below and return it to: City Clerk’s Office 800 Cushman Street Fairbanks, AK 99701 Fax:  907.459.6710 E-Mail: Public Records Request Form FGC Chapter 2, Article VI Please note that there may be a fee for your request (see City of Fairbanks Fee Schedule).  

Board of Plumber Examiners

PURPOSE: The Board of Plumber Examiners is empowered to perform the duties as prescribed in Sections 2-306 through 2-309, as well as Sections 14-291 through 14-301 of the Fairbanks General Code (FGC). MEETINGS: The Board of Plumber Examiners shall consist of five members, at least three members of the board shall be residents of the […]

Building Code Review and Appeals Commission

PURPOSE: To review the building, electrical, plumbing, fire prevention, residential, mechanical, fuel gas and abatement codes and related provisions of the Fairbanks Code of Ordinances and make recommendations regarding building construction and housing codes adopted by the City. To investigate and review all operations of the Building Department of the City, to submit recommendations on […]

Complete/Signature Street Steering Ad-hoc Committee

PURPOSE: The Complete/Signature Street Steering Committee is an ad-hoc committee formed under the authority of the City Council and Mayor at the Regular Meeting of August 8, 2011.  The committee shall act in an advisory capacity to the City Council, look at the consultant’s report, listen to public input, and work with Public Works to […]

Clay Street Cemetery Commission

PURPOSE: The Clay Street Cemetery Commission shall advise the City Council and Mayor regarding the restoration, improvement, and maintenance of the Clay Street Cemetery.  It shall provide and update a long-term plan for the cemetery. MEETINGS: The Commission shall conduct regular public meetings, including public hearings required as a condition of receipt of grants.  If […]

Local Improvement District (LID) Ad-hoc Committee

PURPOSE: The Local Improvement District (LID) Committee is an ad-hoc committee formed under the authority of the City Council and Mayor at the Regular Meeting of January 9, 2012.  The Committee shall study the formation of a local improvement district in the downtown area to provide funding for the Clean Team and the Community Service Patrol. Member […]

Fact Finding Commission

PURPOSE: The Fact Finding Commission shall assist the City Council in the investigation, collection, assessment, and analysis of any issue referred to the Commission where facts are in dispute or are unknown.  It shall establish facts and issue findings to the City Council.  Matters shall be referred to the Commission as the City Council and […]

Finance Committee

PURPOSE: The Finance Committee shall consider all matters relating to the fiscal operation of the City and shall make recommendations regarding fiscal matters to the full City Council on matters such as budget requests, ordinances amending the budget estimate, applications for grants, and annual audits. Member Information FGC 2-118.1 Email the Finance Committee